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Hello all. Long time grower, but new here. Currently running two small spaces for personal. 70/30 coco/perlite DTW. One (3x3 tent) is occupied by this GSC/GG4 auto. She’s stumpy but thicc AF. About 13 weeks and she’s got a date with the shears in the next couple days.

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My current photo flowering space is a 2.5’x4’ cabinet that I built several years ago and have upgraded a few times. Currently flowering 2 ladies in there, each under a spidefarmer SF2000. Both are strains from a dear old friend in NV. He and I and a few other friends have been collaboratively working out a few strains that we like to grow and smoke. These two are the closest to ”done” and are fairly stable. They are Umbrella Drank (left) and Sugarpants (right). These are moms that I have been running for a while and decided to flower out. I have been growing and sharing clones of them for a while and wanted to freshen them up. They have been on short days for 3 weeks, 4 days. Both should finish mid week 9 a bit before Xmas. Say hello girls...

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umbrella drank
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current family photo
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…in the dark, because they’re pretty that way
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Looking forward to checking out your gardens. Thanks for taking a peek at mine. Happy growing. Cheers


Welcome to the farm!! Beautiful plants and always intrigued with new strains! We have some awesome breeders on here! ✌️
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