New to Hydro, Please help!!!!

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Wevie Stonder

Hey All,

I'm building a new grow in a space I just got, and I'm doing things really differently than I did last time I grew. I'm still quite the n00b, and could use some quality advice to help me get this baby rollin. Here's the details:

I just got a new space with a HUGE 2 car garage/shop area. The whole thing is like
26x26 or so. I'm planning to do an 8 light hydro setup in 1/2 of the garage, with another smaller room for moms, cloning & veg. I'm looking to get 1+ lbs per light, probably with 6 plants per light. We are doing ebb & flow in buckets, organic, in coco if possible.

After reading a couple of books, I'm a bit confused--

1. LIGHT: I was going to do 8x 1,000 watt HPS, as I've used 1,000's in the past, and know they work well. However, one of the books I read recommended using 600's instead for better efficiency, and just having them closer. I'm aiming to get 1 lb per light, will this work, or is it hype? I know a lot of growers who have tried 6's and are usually underwhelmed by the results. Keep in mind that I'm a beginner, and still learning how to maximize things.

2. SYSTEM: I was going to do ebb & flow in buckets, as that was recommended to me by another hydro grower. This will be my first time doing hydro-- in the past, I've always done soil. Hydro guys: are there any drawbacks to doing ebb & flow in pots? Besides space efficiency, is there any other drawbacks to ebb and flow in general? Can coconut husk be used by itself to grow in? Coco fiber? Can Coco husk be reused?

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but this'll do for a start...

Thanks in Advance for your help,

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