Newbie In Colorado

Pruned again just a few minutes ago. I'll definitely follow advise, but my concern is temps. I will not be able to afford a portable ac unit to manage temps, so if I don't flower soon I'll be battling 85-90 degree temps later in June/July, I was hoping to harvest middle of June...
If they are rootbound a transplant is probably a better bet. Your pots are a decent size but the issue you state is heat with summer approaching. Pot size can be relative to temps unless they are in coco or ran hydro like. Hence a bigger pot will help with heat issues. If they are not quite rootbound then flip em.
If they are rootbound then next size pot up my guess would be a seven gallon. Go for the wider shorter pot veg a week or two and flip.
Ok, so, one of my plants is showing this. I'll have to flush it most likely and hope for the best. This is only one of them though, but it has always been problematic so.