Hey there,

I just started growing. This is my 1st actual plant im keeping and flipping into flower. I was wanting to know if you guys see something i dont. The red fan leaf branches i was told could be genetic, since they've been like that for a few weeks with no problems. And i think i over watered slightly, but ill just hold off an extra day or 2 for watering then. Like i said, its my first time, so im not expecting perfect and im expecting problems lol.
I would cut all them big ones off...and you definitely don't want them laying in the dirt.. looking good..what kinda light are you using?led?
Im using just a 600w king led light. I was contemplating taking them off but i was scared to shock the plant. I shouldnt strip all them though should I? Just the bottom ones by the dirt not really getting light, correct?
It's up to you.. don't let me talk you into it...but yes all of'll open it up so the rest can grow..looks like you toped it high is the light..,?and it's the led that causes the stems to do that..
I figured it was either genetic or light related so good thing i didnt really worry. I did top it, light is 24 inches above the top of the plant. I have both bloom and veg switches on because its just something i heard to use. Wondering if i should just drop it closer and use only the bloom lights. Youre not talking me into anything. Im open to any advise i can get! Thanks!
I wouldn't strip any of those big fan leaves except ones close to dirt. Reason being is if u take those off then where its photosynthesis coming from them inter shoot leaves well that not enough to grow that whole plant. What will happen is u will stunt it cause its gonna have to produce more big fan leaves to start back again my buddy did it to his blueberry I told him not to and he did and it stunted it for 2 weeks