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Hello, I run a 670W iL8x on my 4x4 space, but ive been wanting to make it bigger and make it a 4x8. I want to get a different light though, nothing wrong with the one I have just want to try something new and maybe get different results. What are your suggestions. Money isnt an issue, I just dont want to spend 1500$ on a light if possible LOL


I recently bought a 4x4 tent for my garage and I did a bunch of research prior. I was on a quest for the best light regardless of price. I ended up going with the HLG Scorpion Diablo and I gotta say its so insanely bad ass. I just finished my first run under it and during the later flower I kicked it to 100%. This light is insane bright its like the sun in a box in the beginning it was too bright for veg I had to dial it back. I'm hanging buds right now they are coming out super dank they feel like they are gonna be dense as hell. Its super energy efficient also I think overall I paid about $1300 for it including shipping.

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