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Moving away from a 2X4 first SF tent to a 4X4 Gorilla, AC Infinity 6inch exhaust fan and my thoughts on a LED were the Spectrum King 680.

Looking for input on all the equipment, your thoughts and opinions are valuable so please tell me what you think about this set up. My plan was to be able to grow 4 Feminized or up to 6 Autos.

Thanks in advance!


That's a lot of wattage for a 4x4 - as you get above ~500w you are really going to have to dial things in. But yes very nice light! And bar style is a huge plus


My tents are Gorillas. My older 3 x 3 is a better tent then my new 2 x 4. There all pretty much china junk now days. Gorilla does offer the extension kits and that is important to me and over looked by many. I also get the high CFM kits and use them to string up netting for plant control/support when needed. I use nothing but HLG lighting and way over light my tents. I have two HLG 260 Rspec in the 3 x 3 w/uva and two 350R w/uva in the 2x4. I'm going to reconfigure the lights this winter putting the dual 350R's in the 3 x 3 side x side and put the dual 260's in the 2 x 4 end to end. Having all this light allows me to run the lights close to the plants with great light distribution, maintain good ppfd in the summer with low dimmer settings and no real heat issues. Then come winter I can raise them up high, stomp on the dimmers and keep the tent warm and still maintain fantastic light distribution and good ppfd control. The setup also allows me to keep a HLG 100 V2 4000k in each tent for seedlings and early veg on there own yoyo's so I can lower them and hang them off the main lights for seedling and veg. When not needed I raise them up in the tents out of the way and ready for use. I use AC Infinity 6" exhaust fans set on top of the tents freeing up more room in top of the tents. I like my tents tall and open so I can grow a plant natural every once in a while and let them get tall. If I had room for larger tents I would have them and setup the same way. Enjoy your journey!




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2 350R

Dual 350R1

Dual 350R

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