CXB 3950, CRI 80, 3500K best led on the market now?

  • Yeah good choice

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  • No, you just wasted a 1000 bucks!

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Thank you for the video Mr. 5quirrel.
thats growmau5 video, he hangs out at although he has an account here, but it's not really active.

With the potentiometer at 10% @ 20 or 25 watts dissipation, would this also suffice as a seedling light. I am looking for an all in one light from seed to veg to flower.
I am a noob also.
i always use this at 100% i use this light from seed to flwr, veg loves it, flower loves it. just don't get the light too close or you'll burn your ladies. my distance from canopy can vary 120cm - 70cm.
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