Number of Lights in a grow tent

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So I've settled down on buying a viparspectra quantum board.
I am having a hard time deciding for a 36"×36"×72" tent would one viparspectra 1500 do the job for 2 to 4 plants or would 2 viparspectra 1000 lights do better.
Optimum light is 65 ppf per sq. ft so you're going want as close to 585 as possible without going over that. 2 viparspectra xs-1500s would be almost exactly enough based on tests done by Companies often over exaggerate par so but I trust that source. 2 viparspectra p-1500s would be enough too but to maximize your grow space, I'd suggest the xs-1500s.


I do apologize I forgot to mention that my wife is buying the lights, so she's on a budget of 150$ I would help her but im having to get a new roof on my house :/ so I have to choose either or.
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