Oaksterdam University

so is it really all its cracked up to be. i have seen the website and all but im kinda skeptical. plus i herd they have a long waiting list and need a deposit up front? what do u think was the most informative things in the program for u?
what is there to be skeptical of? yes there is a waiting list, that is why they want money up front. i waited 4 months and it was worth it. i got to meet and talk with Dennis Peron. he helped write prop 215. i got to personally hear his story. that alone was worth it to me. i learned a lot of political and legal issues as well. i did networking with other medical patients. i made new friends. i now have that much more documentation showing my positive involvement in case a judge is ever interested. i learned that there are standards that are trying to be set. such as edible dosages. in order to vend to clubs you must have VERY consistent edibles. i could go on and on .............
Didnt mean to sound like i was nockin it. I was just uninformed. I have scince dona a little research and now understand a little bit more about what exactly goes on. I can see many dif ways this would be beneficial, i was just under the impression that it was just kinda hokey and wasnt really worth the investment. Its very good to hear otherwise.
Didnt mean to sound like i was nockin it. I was just uninformed. I have scince dona a little research and now understand a little bit more about what exactly goes on. I can see many dif ways this would be beneficial, i was just under the impression that it was just kinda hokey and wasnt really worth the investment. Its very good to hear otherwise.
i got a little defensive. lol. i love my school. :)

a lot of stuff was just "skimmed" over. i can see a lot of room for deeper involvement of subject matters. they are just getting started so maybe in a year or so they will have more in-depth study. they are starting a semester course in Sept. it will be 8 weeks long. they will flower a plant from start to finish during these 8 weeks. kinda cool for the noobs.

i think the fact that this is offered is just way cool. i now have bragging rights if anything. :laugh:

Dr CandyMan

great thread fdd2blk

i was wondering about the place
please keep us updated on the school i'm sure its a ton of us out there with plenty of ????'s


So I assume you'll be putting that on your resume? I'm currently conducting interviews, I'm looking to hire a recent graduate.
Fdd you definitely should have mentioned this before! I am totally enrolling for the fall semester in LA.

Thank god I live in LA :angel:poolparty
I remember hearing about this a while back, good to see it has made lots of progress.

I'm sure the networking alone would be worth the admission, and the legal info could come in much more handy.
I've been seriously considering moving out to attend classes for awhile, have to save up money and what not, but within the next year definitely going to sign up
I really want to attend the semester class. Perfect for the resume.
I'm sure, with time, O.U. will get larger with more advanced classes. It is the future.
I cant wait to enroll for the winter semester. Im a little surprised there aren't more threads on the school. Who else out there loved or hated their oaksterdam university educational experience?
I won't even step into this place or Blue Sky .... sell outs ....

Even if they do have a good program it doesn't make up for the evil owner ...

Please don't support the dark side ...

The owner of Oaksterdam University and Blue Sky are trying to pass the evil tax and regulate initiative ...

I have not seen a gram of herb at Blue Sky that i would even consider B+ grade what does that say about what the owner knows ... or ethics? ... is his club an good example of a club ...no far from it ... just a money cow for him ....

This is from Dennis Peron who quit working there due to the owners political ideas for our plant ...

Why I Oppose the “Tax & Regulate” Marijuana Initiative
Three Fatal Flaws
1. One ounce limit? 25 sq. foot per building garden size limit? Imagine a law to “tax and regulate” alcohol
that only allows for possession of up to one bottle of wine imprisoning those who exceed that amount,
be it two bottles or a small collection of choice vintages. These limits guarantee confusion, harassment
and black marketeering forevermore. We don’t control alcohol by imposing a 25 sq. foot limit on grape
vines. But one extra gram or sq. foot of pot means jail and even worse; this initiative specifies that if
accused of having too much cannabis the burden of proof is on you, not the state.
2. Singling out those who want to use marijuana for a huge excise tax is just plain unfair. It maintains
cannabis as the most expensive, blatantly overpriced product on the market thus forcing most people
to choose cheaper, more dangerous drugs with huge externalized costs to society as a whole.
3. Sending teenagers to state prison for three years for pot is evil. This initiative mandates that 18, 19,
and twenty year old minors serve three to seven year terms in California state prison for the crime of
passing each other a joint or selling one another a small amount. Under this law if a 21 year old person
passes a joint to a 20 year old he or she goes to county jail for six months. Likewise this measure has no
exceptions for parents in their own homes from the “smoking cannabis in any space while minors are
present” prohibition. We don’t lock up parents for having a glass of wine with dinner and we certainly
don’t tell the kids to leave the house for the purpose of consuming any other substance so why start
with cannabis?
This initiative is bad for parents, students and ultimately the effort to get the state to stop ruining lives
enforcing these draconian pot laws. Initiatives create permanent statutes. This one with its petty restrictions
for personal users, prohibitive unfair taxes, and mandatory state prison sentences for teen agers need be
nipped in the bud. We will campaign and vote against it should its proponents succeed in purchasing the
necessary number of signatures to put it on the 2010 ballot. The tax revenue it will supposedly generate is a
mere smokescreen for the kids it will regulate into three, five and seven year state prison sentences.
Perpetuating and increasing the hundred million plus tax dollars per year the state already spends
policing this harmless plant is wrong yet that is exactly what this proposition does. Surely we can do better
than this. How about just legalizing it, getting the state off pot to save lives and real money across the
board? Please consider how you can help expose and defeat this misleading “tax and regulate” initiative.
Dennis Peron, Author of Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.
3745 17th street, SFCA 94114 (415) 864 – 1961 [email protected]
Read the “tax and regulate marijuana” initiative at:
September 22, 2009

Rolln J

ou grows the herb for the blue sky in the guise of being a school - thats why they only ever have 3 strains - and his students pay him to grow it for him and his interns are unpaid - they get tuition reimbursement if they are good little peons for the whole 13 weeks... what a joke!

wonder why he only wanted there to be 4 clubs in oakland...

did I mention that you wont learn anything there you cant learn online? for free...


Premium Member
True spending a couple hours browsing threw the forums here will educate the new grower a lot>>>>for FREE
Then again a lot of people dont know about the internet sites so maybe for the newB its a good thing:icon_cookie:
I know I wouldn't wast my time or money.


i enjoyed my seminar at OU and thought it to be somewhat informative as far as legalities etc. but i have to agree bc btw Dennis did not quit they FIRED him after his speech claiming he didnt want to give a single cent to the gov't and then this Taxcann act was started and since then i have not been supporting them or this bill on any level
and its only 200 bucks for a seminar so i dont see how that can be that much of a waste
it was two full days and we got fed id say it was worth it but still dont support their goals at this point
I guess it depends on the viewpoint ... I emailed dennis and this is what he had to say to me ...

I'm pleased to see u carring on with my mission in my life we must legalize cannabis to save the world and heal the sick we must not get deterred by those who see us some kind of cash cow
tell the truth i quit i didnt want top be a part of selling my people out. stay true to your self and the plant i work for one master the one that will free me. not feed me. dennis peron
Interesting thread.. I have a friend who went there not long ago(hes a new member here) and although hes new to growing he's quite knowledgeable, about all things Cannabis, but hes a smart guy anyhow.. I spent some time looking at the courses and the various literature they put out.. A lot of its 101 stuff but I like the Idea of Cannabis education...Id like to hear from some other people who have attended this program..I believe he considers Dennis Peron a mentor.... Interesting this..d:winking0067:

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