Og.gsc.bdream scrog

I'm cultivating 12 girls.5 og.5 gsc and 2 b.dream under 2.600 watt hps and 1.1000 watt led.growing in 7 gal airports.40 pct Coco 40 pct promix 20 pct perlite.topped off with a inch layer of grow stoned to retain water a lil and to keep bugs at bay.feel me
Going to post first pics later today.stay tuned.all constructive criticism and advice welcome.i don't live in a box.if you got a question and I know the answer jus shoot.i don't Kno it all but I've forgotten more than most people know.i love growing.
Here's the specs...
12 girls.5 gsc.5 og kush.3 b.dream.
Lightning.2.600 watt mh/hps.
1.1000 watt LED
Growing medium.40pct coco.40 pct promix.20 pct perlite.
Grow containers.7 gal airpots

Defoliation and super cropping until the girls fill two 4x4 ft scrogs to the fullest.
Shooting for 6-8 mains a girl.lets get that 1 and a half g,s a watt.i Kno I Kno grand dreams.but u can't achieve something that u don't try to achieve.aim small miss small.on any of our grows I believe the main thing is to be consistent, persistent, meticulous and very clean and busy staying on top of the preventitive maintenance.well hope to give you some knowledge and entertainment. Over and out, kyfarmerb
Here they are.day 4 .looking beautiful.. tommarow I will pot up to 2 gal conts.its now a final 5-gsc.5-og kush.and 4 blue dream.ive always got decent germ success with nirvana seeds.well I'll be bk tomorrow with some post pot up pics and pics of the grow room I built in my spare bathroom.
This is a picture of my grow room.nice effective little setup.i really enjoyed the build and conversion.let me Kno what y'all think in terms of effectiveness and organization.