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. . beautiful pics oj, things are looking very well, can't wait 4 flower, nice work amigo . .


thanks bro
i prety much fell asleep uploading yesterday so will finish uploading the rest today


ojd man there cumin on nicely bruv how long they been in grow man and wat nuts you using mate how many cum thro outa the 140 seed mate
peace keep up the good work man


thanks rural
alll the hazes looking the best at the mo(and is mostly haze so we will see in flowering)
hi cheeseman
they all made it(actualy 1 purple wreck shriveled up and died about 10 days in)
i got about 10 runts mostly all the kushes and 1 of my amnesia's and a manago haze ive kept them all tho im going to chuck the proper runts about 2-3


finaly a couple of updated pics
i had left my cammera somewhere so this week will be taking plenty of pics

well after i pulled alot of males im left with about 90
heres a few i could get to

the best looking so far are the g13haze xamnesia(platinum amnesia)

and g13haze x sssdh(name undecided yet)drop some names if you guys can think of any

anyway on with the pics

il come back and add the names of srains once ive uploaded all the pics


ojd man you always got your hands full man and they always look dank as man cant wait to see wat these babys look like in couple of weeks man keep up the good work man


Hey ojd!

Hey bro', beautiful, healthy grow you've got there, like punk said, thanks for sharin'! p


some pukka plants you got here ey ojd
nevils haze x mango haze mr nice
mango haze mr nice
nevils haze mr nice
ssh mr nice
sdog jlp
krip kush or ogkush bx seeds given to me by capt krip
purple wreck dna genetics
abusive kushhaze reservoir seeds
sssdh original batch 7 seeds given to me by friend(IBL hope to see you soon man)
sssdhaze 9 seeds pack given to me by my good budy truecanabliss who got them off rezdog
snowdog diesels given to me by truecannablis
mustang mist jdog
afghani kush raskal seeds
super strawberry diesel elite genetics
g13haze x nevils mango(nevil pheno)my cross
g13haze amnesia haze my cross
g13haze x chocolope my cross
g13haze x purple bastard my crosss
g13 haze x sssdhaze my cross
i only wish i had all the space and patience to grow al this out fair play to yu bro your a truely got sum green fingers lol, cant wait to see your end result

Karma Genetics

And now the real fun start's some of those look very sativa dominant bro, nice. Looking forward to the progress of the SSSDH x G13 just to see the offspring from that SSSDH fem.

I gave away some test pack's of a cross of your SSSDH with my Jack Herrer#22 male.
They will start shortley, could be some nice info in those threads for you aswell.

Keep it green my friend.
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