Old Feller Needs help again.

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Ok, I had a issue with Thrips and Aphids. I have been spraying LC and seem to have a handle on it.

The new issue is some weird brown spots along with color in the leaves. One of the plants seems to have taken pretty ill this morning and getting worse by the hour as the day moves along.

Plants are in the ground. Pretty well amended soil over the years. First time doing a complete grow in the soil. In this garden area I use to raise tomatoes.
I think I might have a Blight issue and was trimming some yellow spotted leaf's off the plants today, thinking I might have a Leaf Septoria issue(blight). The photos of the lime colored leaves are in the upper middle part of the plant. Rest of the plant seems droopy today.

Back in the spring I amended each hole I dug with Powdered eggs shells, dry composted chicken manure, Kelp meal.

I have received solid advice in here so far. Pretty trusted source of info in here. I realize its hard to diagnose from photos but I need to get this resolved.

I appreciate it.
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