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Organic Soil: Canna Bio terra w/ 5 % Purple Cow Compost & 5% EWC
Amendments: Down to Earth - Bat guano, Langbeinite, Kelp Meal, touch of Seabird Guano, & Blood Meal.
Supplements: Roots Organic Terp Tea, Liquid Kelp, Humic Acid, Fish Shit, Bigfoot Mycorrhizae, & Recharge
Feeding: Weekly Compost Tea / 3 Kelp Foliar Sprays of a week ago.
Lighting: Nanolux Modular 110w Bars Full Spec. + Blue + 50W UV (Used too much blue in the beginning, saving UV for later, will buy red when necessary)
Tools: Ph Meter, TDS Meter, 60x Loupe, Soil Moisture Meter, MQ620 Par Meter, Smart Temp/Humidity Controllers
Equipment: Infinity 6" Inline, Carbon Filter, Humidifier, Mini Heater, 2 Clip-On Fans & 5 Gallon Gro-Pro Fabric Bags
Pests: Fungus Gnats (T-Drops , then Azamax)
Water: Tap water - Naturally at 8.0 pH (Sitting for at least 24hrs) Only started creating run-off this week
Ph: Down - Citric Acid Up - None needed
Training: Topped Once + Any necessary Defoliation (Much is required as the plants are SHORT)
Age: 43 Days

My initial goal was to spare no expense in creating the perfect Organic grow. My biggest mistakes seem to be:
1. Attempting to make the perfect Super Soil with little knowledge and no experience. Initially, the soil was too hot for the seedlings. I quickly repotted in the Bio Terra Only. Problem resolved.
2. Did not realize how effective Blue spectrum could be to create short internodal spacing. I backed off once I realized what was going on. I now have the Shortest Internodal Spacing in History...3-5 nodes within 1.5 Inches plus crazy swollen balls from topping/defoliating.

While my bonsai looking experiment seemed quite healthy for a while, I am now noticing the following issues:
1. Lighter new growth with almost every leaf showing a very minor burn on the tips.
2. Fungus Gnats I thought were in control... Nevertheless, just applied Azamax via soil Drench after T-Drops proved worthless.
3. Occasional leaf twisting and/or turning upside down.
4. Dry and Coarse Leaves.
5. Minor burn mark with 1/3 inch cuts on some leaves.
6. White dots on the original fan leaves. (have all been defoliated by now)

So I finally created run-off for the second time with 6.15 pH'ed water and Azamax and the result was as follows: * pH - 7.0 - 7.1 TDS 2500 PPM (Both Clearly too high)
However, Slurry tests from soil in the middle of the bag repeatedly displayed 400 PPM & 6.9 pH.
After using 2.5G of water to semi flush the soil, my final run-off was taken down to 1500 PPM, but still 7.0 pH
I pH water to 6.0 every time I water, yet the highly unstable Citric Acid may not be the best choice.

HELP: My current plan is flush again when possible to bring PPM down to 900 or so. Is this the way to go? In regards to pH, what is the best choice for a natural pH down? ACV & Citric is the best I could come up with, both simply not stable though. I do have DynaGro Down (1% Nitric Acid/5% Phosphoric Acid) on hand just in case, but I haven't and do not want to use it. Should I even be concerned as many say pH is not an issue for Organic grows? If not pH-ing, is 8.0 tap water ok for Organic Grow? Do microbes buffering the pH level require a certain pH to even function? I used Azamax in case the fungus gnats larvae were affecting my roots. From what I could gather, a majority of my plant symptoms would be from Ph/TDS issues and/or root infestation. Also, I've read TDS is useless Organic grows as it may not detect a majority of the organic nutrients? Advice from the Pros would be much appreciated. (Pics are in order from Most Recent First)

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