Organic soil mix for Auto's

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Thought I'd share a mix that I've found works well with auto's. It's free draining and lower in worm castings, but fully organic and will feed the plants for the first crucial 2-3 weeks. I then top dress with a bloom mix and worm castings, followed two weeks later with bloom 2 ( The easy part is watering with de-chlorinated plain water ph'd to 6.5-6.9.

2 parts compost (I use gold label special mix light - Dutch blend, with white peat and Swedish clay)
1 part perlite (large grade, if possible)
1 tbsp / gal - volcanic rock dust
1 tbsp / gal - sprouted barley malt (livingsoils)
2 tbsp / gal - grow (livingsoils)
1/2 tbsp / gal - bloom (livingsoils)
2.5ml / gal - garden lime
2 tbsp / gal - seaweed meal
N. B. Water lightly with de-chlorinated water with biosys (microbes) and cook for two weeks before use.

Hope its of use/conversation.

Happy growing!


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