Over dosed with to much liquid fertilizer

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I got to excited and forgot the rule less is more. I getting old and my mind does well at Sudoku, but foe some reason my division isn't doing so well. The plants are taking the brunt of my mistakes. Here it is
I'm using BioCanna's Bio Vega and Hydrodynamics International's Fossilfuel.
Bio Vega was to be 16 mils per two Gallons. I mixed 25 mils by pure oversight. This was yesterday. As I was feeding another 6 plants this morning I did the exact same thing. It wasn't until I raised the lights and notice the yellowing of the plants leaves. I checked my journal and realized I freaked them out with to much fertilizer.

What do I do at this point ?
6 master Kush that where overdosed yesterday.
6 Blue Dreams that I overdosed this morning.
Both are clones and have been under 600W MH for 14 days
There are to grow in SCRoG
Temp 80-82
Hum 65-72
CO2 1500 PPM average

Jalisco Kid

The BD will take it the hardest,just flush as mentioned with a pH around 5.6-5.8 till you see the same ppm coming out as is what is going in. 1500 ppm co2 for clones is a bit rich. JK


I get those clones down to about 600 ppm and then gradually increase to see what they tolerate.

Do the flush as suggested by the others too.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.
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