P.W. x CH freebies - need help identifying them

I got sent these as freebies here at the farm a couple of years ago. They're marked "P.W. x CH" and I've no idea what they are.

My best guess is that the P.W. is Purple Wreck, but CH? Could be anything...

Any ideas anyone?



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Wow, long time no see old friend. Hope all is well.

Maybe ch = cheese? Holy cow! I think I cracked it...
Duuuuuuuuuuude!!! How the hell are you? Its been waaaay too long. Hope you're well :)

I'll post some photos of the girl I've got in flower from these beans later on when the lights are on...hopefully it'll look familiar to someone.

At the moment it smells like a kush - very lemony pledge with a hint of fuel, but I can't believe that something labelled PW x CH is a kush!! Confused :)

Thanks guys...she's got a week to go and is flushing. She absolutely reeks of OGK - very lemon chemical with that sweet twist. She's unmistakeably some kind of OGK because of the blatant trademark smell...so I'm thinking CH stands for Chem. It has to be a Chemdog cross, maybe with Purple Wreck...

I'll post pre-chop photos in a week

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