Papaya Strain, is she looking healthy??

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Watered today around 3pm EST with 2tsp of Fox Farm Grow Big and now dropping a little bit with a slight claw.
Before today last watered on 1-13 with tap water @ 6.4Ph not nutes.
Humidity has been around the 40%-70%
Temperature around 78-82 F
Currently Age: 56 Days since sprout
I can see some roots at the drain holes, time for another transplant?Have already transplanted from a gallon to a 2gallon, now in unknown gallon pot. Guessing 5gallon. Only says 14inch diameter.
Strain is Papaya (Bag Seed)


Also on a 24h light schedule to help make up time from stunted growth early in life.

Lights:1- 600w Mars Hydro, 1- 30w Par38 grow light

Recently trimmed up smaller fan leaves at bottom of plant that weren’t growing from stunned growth.

Soil- Ultimate Organic ProMix With MycoActive
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