Passive hydroponics...Bringing back HEMPY!!! And happy as f***!!!

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Hey y'all I am doing a perpetual grow...I got a 4x4 flower tent a 2x2 tent I use for various things flowering if need be but at this time it's begging my plants until ready put in flower...and I have a 2and a half by little over 4 foot closet imade into a room to hold my mothers...I've tried dwc and root rot was constant issue with heat and all that but I loved the growth...then growing in coco was awesome but then endless watering and mixing of different nutes since I have plants in every stage got tiresome...then I found the answer...and it's so simple and cheap a caveman can do it...take 5 gallon bucket a 2 gallon hell I even got some 3 gallon oval shaped mopping buckets and am using them...drill a hole about 2 or 2 and a half inches from bottom then I filled some with perilite to this point and others I had leftover hydroton so I used that on a couple...then just fill the rest with coco I also put a pvc pipe all the way down to the perilite or hydroton to fill my res so I don't soak the top of the media...hell I have went a week without feeding my mothers and they still looked healthy as could now my plan is mothers in 5 gallon hempys then clones in 2 gallon hempys sent to flower with minimal training...maybe a top once around the 4th or 5th node and maybe use a cage or even just lst and bend the plant in half n tie it down...that's how I have my mothers and they are huge...and the growth is crazy...u Kno when your roots hit the res because they take off...any other input or ideas would be awesome...I'm currently running remo...but about switch to jack's 321 with tribus and then greene genes boost formula weeks 1 thru 2 or 3 of flower then back to 321...maybe add some terpinator and a bloom booster at the end...or there finish 7_10_30 product last few weeks I don't know...
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