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Hey Guys,

Im not new to growing by any means. Been growing in Soil, Soiless Mix for 10 Years now. I am new to THC Farmer and I encourage anyones input. I formerly used HG420.

This is my First hydroponics grow, and am a little bit intimidated by all the possible problems people keep presenting. I have chosen to go with DWC to keep my plant number low (14 Total Flowering). Also I have been encouraged by alot of investigating into different systems.

I Love the idea of the under Current DWC systems I cannot configre my buckets in the traditional 2 lines used. I will explain why later. Now my system is built in a circle around a 2 foot by 3 foot res and some empty space of the same size. Essentially about a 5 foot by 3 foot rectangle.

Now in this space I Intend to run 1000w and a 600 watt Hps vertically up the center.

A submersible pump, pumps water and nutrients out of the res into 2 buckets. these two buckets are the break in the circle one connected to one half one the other. All buckets are linked together with three quater inch hose. 4 buckets closest to the res. exact opposite of the fill buckets dump back into the res.

Now, the reason I am growing in a rectangle is to use the vertical scrog method. I am limited to room so i might as well maximize yield.

The strains I am working with are:

Super Lemon Haze.
Avalon. (Afghan x Dj shorts Blueberry)
Black Domina.


Hey There

Been a while since I posted on this. Few things have changed as we are doing this grow on a budget.

Right now I have lost the Avalon Mother to Spider mites and reveg stress. I am currently dealing with a problem with spider mites on other plants in the vegetative stage. Black Domina and Super Lemon Haze are still kickin.

Roof in Flower room started leaking with spring thaw. Another room was built in another section of the house.

New room size is 8 foot by 6 foot. 8 foot tall.

x o x
x o x

x = 5 gallon DWC Bucket
0 = Vertical 1000w Hps

Rez. in the middle of buckets takes up 2 foot by 3 foot 6 .
4 buckets dump back into the rez.
A drip system might be installed for young cuttings
A screen will be built inside buckets.
400w MH will also be used in Veg.

Pics Soon
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