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Hey guys!

Thinking on getting good photos seeds, take clones, flower, and pick best pheno clones to keep a perpetual grow.

My current setup is:
2x2 - 100W LED - Veg tent
2x4 - 200W LED - Flower tent

Space is a bit limited, I plan to have 2-3 plants in flower, in 5 gallon pots.

So, I would need to take 2-3 clones of each seed, and keep them until mother finish flower. This means I would have to maintain 4-9 clones in Veg for 2 months!

That means I would have them in 1 gallon pots inside the 2x2.

1. Is it ok to keep 1 gallon pots in Veg for 2 months?
2. When should I transplant keepers into a bigger (5 gallon) pot? Right on moving to flower, or should they veg first?
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