Perpetual growing 12’x24’ need advice???

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Thinking about starting a perpetual grow with about 48 plants, 16 in the seedling stage, 16 in the veg, and 16 in flower. I want to go led lighting and want to know how many lights I would need in each area. (Brands, wattage, type of lighting for each area)
Also do you guys think this will be adequate enough for 48 plants? I will also be coating the walls in white or Mylar, and my ceiling height will be 8ft. Any other questions you need I will try to answer. Building this shed in the future and just want to have everything before hand, any cool things I should add to the build?
And of course the plants won’t be pushed up against the wall, I will bring them off a bit so I can get behind them.


Clones and seedlings 35% flower side 65%. That's my preference.


Ummmm 4 sq feet is a 2’x2’ square.

4 times two is 8. Which means you are a foot shy on width if you want 1’ in between each planting square.

One foot between each plant and one foot for each wall equals 5 feet of spacing.

Also, you are not using the inside dimensions of your structure for your area. The outside dimensions for your shed would need to be a minimum of 15’W x 27’L.

If you’ve never grown before, do not proceed with this plan. Buy a medium sized tent with a badass light and learn a style of growing that suits your level of dedication/commitment/energy. A shed of this size can be considered a full-time job. A shed of this size will push over $10k built, insulated, and properly equipped. A good tent set-up can be had for about $750 all equipment included.
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