Perpetual MPB planning.

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Hello farmers.

I have been considering starting a new room and I think I am gonna make it MPB. I have 2-3 unsuccessful runs under my belt around 2010ish (see MPB/ Under Current LED Hybrid thread) but I feel now I am more ready to give it a go.

I am very impressed with the work of Capulator but sad that more aren't continuing in this art, but I understand its more of a side room for fun for the first couple of years before its starts becoming profitable...unless you live next door to doubled then its a free golden ticket to Willy Wonka's... I am excited to try a run with tea.

Now the biggest waste I see in MPB vs Under Current is all the pumping. I really feel that pumping into one bucket and having the drain water from that bucket going into the next one is the way to go. Not only does this make draining easier but it provides just as much water flow using a half or one third of the pumps, eliminating all the leaking and trouble. I also am only wanting to use 1" drain holes, using netting or something to keep the roots away.

The MPB original room is mono cropping which loses a lot of its efficiency because of the first 4 weeks the room is half or less filled. With perpetual...every week I put in 1-2 plants, having 12 spots total which for the amount of lights I have is 50% more plants that double D would run with the same amount of light.

I am going to have a 7 vertical 1000s, 2 horizontal 600s and 2 LEDs (for the last 2 weeks). I am trading out my spots surrounded by 4 vertical Bulbs for 2 spots surrounded by 3 vertical bulbs + 1 horizontal which adds an extra 2 spaces for plants.

Less than half the room is 6 spots for weeks 1-4 and then the other half+ of the room is 6 spots for weeks 4-8. These will all be in 30 gallon tough boxes for now but eventually I want to maybe upgrade the weeks 4-8ers to bigger vessels if necessary...not sure if it would help or if the roots would need to be grown out sooner, or what week would be best to move them before they got too big.

From what doubled was saying as soon as the roots filled the container growth slows.

Another challenge will be adequately vegging the roots out getting them ready to go into the MPB because since I am doing perpetual this excludes any possibilities of prevegging the MPBs =(

I also plan on using three different Rez's in this room. Rez1 for weeks 1-4 (6 plants), Rez2 weeks 5-7 (4 plants) and Rez3 (2 plants). I may end combining the rez's for weeks 1-7 but I would like to keep them separate for purple reasons. Can run chiller coils or have separate chillers if needed.

Below I have included my professional engineering room prototype, originally done in solid works 3d but transferred to Paint to make it more publically accessible to you uncultured swine...enjoy.

Perpetual mpb planning

Jalisco Kid

You must have some time on your hands. Please document your grow I am curious how you do with it. I know I would fail at all the maintence. JK

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