Petition The Wh To Legalize

Are you the only one that has signed it?
lol. it says it still needs 99,999 more

but would they really respond?
Lmao! Ha... Well he just became an activist. Give him time. You know once they finally get going, they like a snowball rolling down hill :)

On the real brother, @420circuit you might have better luck on Facebook. I would be more apt to sign it as a citizen on Facebook with my very well maturely maintained profile, than from a weed growing forum where im anonymous, and plan to stay that way....
But thats just me....
And I dont care about legalization unless home grows are included. Im not gonna pay the government, or anybody for that matter, to procure, manufacture, or utilize my medication.

I think this part of the petition did it for me lol
"The White House may send you emails about this and other issues." :shockedninja:

I bet they will..
Prob Sessions personally!
@420circuit I've sent the WH email over issues and yes it does get you on their list (via Facebook). imho it's a better venue for sending comments to our fearless leader than here.
PS good luck with the petition with Sessions or whomever is his slated replacement. In my own mind, Obama would have been a better bet but was clueless, but the current admin seems "brainless", just sayin, not to get too political.


I like soup
The White House will respond if we can get 100,000 people to sign this petition to legalize.
Hahaha you know what the response is gonna be... THANKS FOR THE SIGNATURES.

they will never legalize as long as we have thousands of useless jobs connected to a drug war. We have a lot of stupid people in this country that cant do anything else but fight a drug war. murika!!! I know a lot of people that will fight till the death on this drug war... because they dont want to lose their uneducated jobs making 80 grand a year.

The guy in charge is a moron and about 5 foot deep in shit already.... he cant have unemployment skyrocket on him too.
Cannabis decriminalization has worked well in Colorado, where we can grow a few plants, extract oil as long as we do it safely and quietly go about our hobby in peace. Telling the government to change is our right. They will not change until we tell them. You can let things stay the same or you can participate. Personally, I prefer to actually do something about the guys who are locked away because I think it is a terrible injustice that needs attention. The government works for us.