PH Charts for Soil and Hydro

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Thanks Ive been looking for a good chart. Also i will look forward to the coco in the future.


Great chart. Can someone give me an idea on how I can lower my ph in soil? My ph is reading 8, so I need a way to lower this. First it was too low..5.5.. so I added bone meal and baking soda but my plants weren't improving, so I just started over and transplanted into new soil (miracle grow organic). They look much better, but now it is 8. I've heard lemon juice or vinegar in water works, but it doesn't last long. Is there anything I can top-dress the soil with?


One thing that's been pointed out to me is that the nutrients themselves alter the pH or your reservoir, as does added water (I believe nuts lower/acidify pH, water increases/alkalizes). So this might be one reason to NOT use additional chemicals to adjust pH up or down before first adding your nutes or topping up water, since both of these adjust pH, albeit not as radically.

I just noticed this the other day im using fox farm flower nutes and before I added them I ph the water to 6.5, after I decided to check the water ph at it was at like 4 or so. So adding nutes can change the ph.. All I did was add some ph up to get it back to 6.5, now I just ph ballance it after I add nutes.


if your ph is too low or too high in your soil how do you get it down or up. would watering with proper ph water will that bring it to the right number?


Why are nutrients available at different ph's in soil and hydro, and what would soilless like pro-mix be considered?


Good stuff TX! I have the black and whit one, the color is a bit easier to read but the B/W one gives a better idea of where we need to be.

I use de-ionized water which starts me at pH 5.0, adding my nutes gets me no higher than 5.5...just about perfect.

Teas are made by incubating your organic ingredients (guano, castings, etc.) in water. Its a good idea to add a carbohydrate source such as molasses - the beneficial microbes love that stuff. Dilute out the tea to the proper EC/ppm, pH it, and you're set! water every time with the diluted tea.


Thinking the slight variations in pH I get, cuz I test with drops, (i've had 3 pH meters and everyone of them sucked) is doing me right, I like it between Piss yellow and Kawasaki green, and that is just between 5.9 and 6.8, so I am actually getting a bit of all the minerals, as I can't adjust it perfectly everytime.....interesting, hey what brand of pH up and down do you guys prefer?

And ALWAYS test pH "after" you add everything, before you water....what good is it to test pH if you're gonna add a bunch of stuff thats gonna make it fluctuate, you always test pH after adding nutrients......(Carlos Mencia - Dee-Duh-Dee)

Peace Fox


Hey do you test with drops after adding nutes? When I add the 3 part GH Flora series I end up with a pinkish mixture. Wouldn't this throw off the color chart indicators and kind of defeat the whole process of comparing colors?


I don't use any nutes with added colors, my mix always ends up lookin like slightly dirty water, and it always adjusts back to where I need the pH, yeah, I forgot about the colored nutes, guess you'd need a meter for those...drops wouldn't be the same...
Peace Fox


I hope someone can answer this question. I had my pH at 4.5 so i put in pH up. unfortunately I wasn't patient and added too much. Im at 6.8 now and I am using hydro. When is it alright to use pH down again? They say don't use them together but I can't afford to dump my res. Thank you for the insight!


i see every one has Q's bu tthey get little answers? Well I have one as well th ph of my guano tea.( One tbs pr gal-guano2tbsewc5ml liquid karma and onetbs mollasses.)
is very low ph up does not work in moderate amounts to adjust my ph of the tea. And the soil becomes acidic (foxfarm happyfrog soil is used.) Should i used bone meal? in the soil or the tea? how much? or should i add one tbs of lime per gallon of soil when i mix soil and perilite? or Both? The chart looks nice but how we apply it is most important. Also my plants grow healthy and have quality smoke with ph of 4.5-5. All seix varieties.
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