Phlizon Weekly Showcase! FD7500 Samsung 301b Grow Light



PHLIZON FD7500 720W Full-spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light with Samsung 301B/Osram LED

PPE: 2.9 µmol/J
Coverage: Flower Coverage: 5′X5′, Veg Coverage:6′X6′
Dimensions: 41.7" x3" x35.7"
Input Voltage: 100-277V
Actual Power Consumption: 720W±5%
Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs
Built-in Driver: UL Listed Waterproof Driver
Spectrum: Full-spectrum
Daisy Chain Dimmable: OFF-0-20%-40%-60%-80%-100% with 0-10V Light
Dimmer (Included)
LED Distribution:

1440pcs 3000k Samsung 301B LEDs
360pcs 6500k Samsung 301B LEDs
48pcs 660nm Osram LEDs
12pcs 740nm Osram LEDs

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