Phylos Bioscience Sparks Outrage Over New Breeding Program Announcement

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Saw some folks canvassing the Denver CC back in 014 and didn't like the feel of what they purported to be doing instantly. Being out of the 60 and 70's am always leaning towards suspicion until proven otherwise. :ninja:

Well seems to me once again my trusted gut instinct steered me the right way. Never did send them anything.

here is the link.
And Kevin Jodrey supports it. I guess business is more important than the plants themselves now.

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I would never send in my crop or pheno’s to them ......

To me ( from how they sounded in their news article ) they definitely were trying to get support and if they ever got biggger as a company or the power/support from the govt/ a big Corp influence . They would fuck over anyone to do it and they would def be little bitches too. Would you send your crop in or support them?

there is so many other companies or people who aren’t and want to support the cannabis industry/micro side & without having to hurt the people that are their consumer to do so as well ( if this company isn’t or I got wrong viewpoint , whoops/my bad )

But ethier way it’s a first in the industry and hopefully more companies come in the game for dna genetic identify mapping cannabis
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Thats what you get trusting a dude named mowgli. The idea was cool, it just never really delivered or was useful and now this occurred.
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