Pistils turning red to early?? week 4?

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Whats currently going on:
Strain - Wedding cake
Flower week: 4 (10 days from flip when I saw pistils)
Nutrients - Farmers pride 3 part line from Blue planet nutrients - 1500-1600 ppms when feeding, plane ph and calmag water in-between.
C02 - Daily use of 1200 ppm
Temps and humdity - 76-80 f / 39-47
Constant fan rotation above and under canopy

Problem if any:

I believe the white pistils turned orange to early and need some advice as to if its finished or if I can still get some swelling in. They continue to grow everyday! This strain has a recommended flowering time of 8-9 weeks.. I know some strains carry more colours than others but this is questionable.. have I burned my pistols with heavy nutes? but still no signs of burns, heat stress or deficiencies... or is it simply telling me its ready? if so I need to start to flush! advice or thoughts on as what this can be will greatly help me and be appreciated! Happy growing xD
Jack og

Jack og

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