Plant diagnosis - inherited a rough clone and it's somewhat reviving

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Hey all - new account here but have lurked the forum for quite some time browsing/reading/etc. and definitely appreciate all the information. Relatively new grower (have 3 hydro grows and a few soil grows both indoors and out) under my belt which have all been successful straight through but that may just be beginners luck (or my over obsessive analysis paralysis i go through before any project)...

Anyway, onto the meat and potatoes of this thread... a buddy of mine passed off some clones which he struggled with (he mentioned PH fluctuations in his water source which based on what I'm seeing, I think is evident but the clones are also sort of a sht show for lack of a better term... essentially high PH and nute lockout is my guess)... they were also in miracle gro soil which I know is frowned upon by some so based on the ph fluctuations and potentially hot soil, I decided to transplant it all together and give it a fresh start.

So what I've done recently includes the following:
I repotted them in fabric containers in a mix of FF soil and about 30-40% perlite (my usual mix which has given me good results so far), gave it a good watering of plain PH'd water and have been watering about every ~3 days based on picking up the pots for a weight check and popping a finger about an inch down into the soil to feel for moisture. Since i'm a nerd, I also have one fabric pot (same soil mixture) with a moisture reading sensor in the soil to measure the amount that dries per a given day. It's been a slow couple weeks but the newer growth appears to be recovering from what was there previously (still not perfect) but figured I'd toss a picture in front of the forum here to get any other suggestions and thoughts. This is a first for me dealing with a plant with issues so I'm trying to take this as a learning opportunity to prevent potential issues in the future.

Thoughts / Suggestions are definitely appreciated

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