Plant is much too bushy.

Hey everyone. Long time lurker first time poster lol.

For reference, I've been growing for 10 years and have always used the DWC method. I have it down to a science and never have had issues. I used a 400 hps in a 2x3 closet 4 plants and had great results.

I stopped growing for a couple years when my baby was born and we didn't have the spare room anymore. But now we've bought a house and have a spare room I can lock the door on and have put in a 3x3 tent to start with. I am trying LED this go round and will be doing DWC again once I get my mother going.

Since I stopped growing. Cannabis has become legal to grow in Canada and while thus is good, it's effectively removed my ability to find/get clones to start from. So for the first time in 10 years, I'm starting from seed.

This is where my problem begins. I want my mother to be in dirt (promix hp coco choir with mycrorysa) or however you spell it lol. Things are growing great she is healthy and growing at a normal rate for dirt type conditions. My problem is, this is going to be my mother plant. I would like to start taking clones from it as soon as possible, but she is just bushy as hell, with about 2cm at most between nodes.

I've tried moving the light back as far as it will go, but it's still got very short node spacing. Are led lights really that good these days? I'm using a 1500w (250w actual) full spectrum x5 COB light. It's hard to look at and defiantly puts out as much light as a 1000w hps as far as visuals go.

Would I be better to pull her out of the tent and put her under some t5's? Just to get her to lengthen out more? Or are some plants genetics really that dominant? She is 3 weeks from from a sprout right now, and I've already removed a few of her lower leaves that went geting light.

When I was last growing I had a nice mother I would take my clones from and I would have killed to have node spacing like this when I put my clones in to the net pots. Lol but for a mother I need spacing I can actually work with.
Let the plant grow some first then start taking cuts. You could however top her now and try rooting that top. I would wait a few weeks before some lateral branching shows some progress.
Thanks man. I'll wait a few more weeks to see how she does. I know it's a weird problem to have, normally I'd love if all my plants were this bushy. Guess it's been a while since I've gone from seed lol.
Plant looks perfect.

I learned to wait until the plant shows maturity with preflowers or uneven branching before taking cuts to keep.

I see stronger faster clones that way and faster flowering onset.

And at least twice that size before topping or training.
Good to know man! Yeah makes sense to wait till the branching is uneven. I also get waiting till she gets a bit older to make sure I got healthy clones. First time going from seed in 10 years lol. I'm used to clones that explode as soon as I dump them in the dwc system ☺
Just an update. 1 week later and the plant has exploded. I've taken a couple clones from the bottom of the plant.

The node spacing on this girl is very short genetically or the led light I'm using is way too strong for a 3x3 tent, cause it's as far away as I can get it lol.

Welcome to the new world of growing, where short is the new norm. There are a couple of products that can help the plants stretch, although another method I have done for years is to leave them in total darkness for 24 hours. You should see some notable stretching. You can repeat this every few days, although don't do it too many times without giving a few days of regular 18/6 light, otherwise it could start to flower.
FWIW, I've been growing for quite a while also and the newer plants are a LOT shorter than he plants of 30 years ago. The 24 hour lights off was discovered by accident when I lost power for a day or two. When I restored it, the plants had stretched a few inches. As soon as the plant goes into vegetative (alternate growth pattern) mode, you can take cutting from almost anywhere to make clones from. Where you take 1 cutting from, you will get a few more from the same site in a few weeks. Good Luck...Welcome Back!!
You wanna see some tight nodes.....

Still a new grower, my 3rd grow and that happened. That pic was 3-4 weeks after first leaves. Thought it was LED lights that was too strong too. Planted two more seeds of the same and they came out normal under the same growing method/conditions. Posted a thread called compact plant about it.

I think there are some definite selective breeding pressures to produce smaller plants for sure. Think it just boils down to random genetics.
Plant looks perfect.

I learned to wait until the plant shows maturity with preflowers or uneven branching before taking cuts to keep.

I see stronger faster clones that way and faster flowering onset.

And at least twice that size before topping or training.
Uh words I got wait, stronger, faster,twice that size. Bro keep teaching us. Thank you
OMG, that plant is ridiculous. I thought I had bush problems lol...


The leds no matter how far away give bushy plants as well.

That coupled with genetic you have isn't making things any easier.

I think a topping is in order for sure. That should get multiple branches going. And once they start competing for light against eachother they will stretch out.

Top it, leave fan leaves on. Then once the shoots get to about 6 inches u can pluck the big fan leaves. That should speed things up if your going for more clones in a shorter amount of time.

This reminds me of that Control song by Puddle of Mudd. "I, can't control you! YOU'RE NOT THE ONE FOR ME NOOO!".

Alright weekly update. I've trimmed a bunch of the fan leaves off, and topped it a couple days ago. Taken some clones that seem to be taking.

I might just flower her out as I don't think coco choir is good for keeping a mother. Also it's an unknown seed (femanized).

I have some Gelato I want to start in dwc. I'll put one in normal soil for a mother. If this girl turns out to be good, I'll keep one of the clones as a mom.

Another weekly update. Another weekly trimming, topping went well. Starting LST. If you spot any issues. Let me know. This is my first try in coco coir.

The last set of clones are rooted, took 2 more when I trimmed it. Thinking I'll flower this one and make a dirt mother of a clone.

Lol the camera is so I can dial the internal temperature and humidity in. It's a new setup and this gives me a bit of information that allowed me to dial in the environment. It's not needed anymore. I've taken it out.