Please help cursed guy change his luck!

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520Gthumb I got the seeds in my avatar pic from Amazon. But fl poppy has the legit cultivars. Wherever you get them, just make sure they're "unwashed" or "organic" papaver somniferum seeds. Depending on where you're located, you'll want to sow them in a prepared bed in late fall or early spring. They hate the heat and are a cool weather plant, so plan accordingly. The seedlings are extremely tiny, so they clump together. But you need to thin them to about 12" between plants so they can get really big. Attached is one from last year with all the goodies oozing out, lol. View attachment 1132783
Thanks, I will never know how much u helped a 41 yr old cripple and my mom which I drive 20 miles to take care of every day! I got 1/2 lb of Florida ones, 1 lb of Afghan, and 11oz of I think the white ones but it just called them the small garden variety. So I will let u know how it turns out and if u want I could possibly send u some for ur bread recipe or those lemon poppyseed muffins. Up to u , thanks again tho, good lookin out!
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