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Good day everyone, I’ve been dealing with an issue and can’t seem to get a grip on it. Possibly because I don’t exactly know what the issue is🤷🏻‍♂️. First time I grow in coco, first time I try to scrog and first time I use LED for Veg. I did notice it more after I switched to my hps but after doing a bit of research I found out it could be a range of things. To my understanding, it could be a ph issue, salt build up, a watering issue, a heat/light issue or a phosphorus deficiency. I flushed with a mild solution, I moved the light a little further away and I just switched to 12/12 so I added the phosphorus part of the feed two days ago and it isn’t improving yet. The EC of 0.9 is the same pre-feed and in the runoff. It’s mainly on the older leaves and it starts off as dark blotches and ends up brown, rusty and dry. The humidity in the tent stays between 40%-55% but one issue I noticed is the temperature fluctuation. When the light is off, the temp is 21 Celsius and when the light is on, it’s goes up to 27. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks ahead of time. Ps. It’s only one of my 4 plants that have that problem but the other ones look a little droopy for my liking.


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well if you were growing in a different medium i’d say overwatering which than caused other things from there.. but in coco you’ll have to wait for a grower that knows that stuff
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