possible flaws in my drain to waste, drip coco setup?

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I'm currently planning my next grow, and I just thought of a great idea, since my plants will be in my basement and the whole place is sloped so water gets channeled into a drain outside, what if I omitted a tray, and simply lined them all up on the floor! (its concrete, obviously)
this would be a serious advantage for me as its pretty roomy down there, but I only have 6 feet of height to work with, so the fact that I'd have the plants sitting in a tray thats up on some blocks, well that gives me quite a bit more room! (not to mention not shelling out another $100 for a tray), what do you guys think?


you could always rig some pvc connected to the pump in your resi to water them, so they could sit on the floor and drain to waist but u could have a system to water them...ive done this before worked great and no trays..
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