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Some Jaws gear, looking good..
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It's a 2018 1.203cc sportster xl1.200x anaversery edition, keyless ignition, alarm, abs, changed out the 11inc shocks for 14inc progressive ones, Vance and Hines header, sundowner led headlight, +1 -3/4 custom seat, +2 inc fork springs, Willie G scull derby cover, only 2.000 made hand numbers at factory, on dyno was pushing 76ftlbs of torque, only sportster they ever did an anaversery edition on, was there best selling bike but in the end they were putting a 1.200cc motor on an 883 frame and calling it a 48, the last evo engine went on an 883 iron, so what is left? A street bob, a Lowrider s then a $20.000 Softail, Harley is now making a 750cc bike made in China and shipped here, can't wait to see one so I can spit on it, It's like the company is trying to commit suicide, no young riders buy Harley's, I do my own maitnince on it, 6.000 miles on it. Saw a stock one in Mass that had 15.000 miles and sold for $16.000 oh yeah a $500 dollar fuel re mapping chip and of course the O2 chip, luv it!

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