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Here's some random stuff! I had a pic of the tiniest turtle ive ever seen but I can't find it
20200713 211111
20200707 113644
20200815 010920
20200803 112843
20210317 161642
20210414 173905
20210414 184336
20210505 141534


You're lucky technology doesnt work like in CSI shows or the fuzz would enhance that picture with your ID on the cheque tray and enhance, and enhance and boom. The reflection from light shining on it shows the reflection of your sunglasses and and in that reflection we can see the killers personalized license plate OneDrop is who were looking for guys we've got this! Umm sir isn't his name and address on the ID?
Who needs that we've got his license plate, looks like we'll be driving more than Mrs Daisy to jail later today it's more efficient when it's not a One Drop Stop at the jail house.
Img 1621369334260

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