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What’s the matter? Don’t like clowns? 🤡
back hoe and straps..
numb nuts was actually behind number 2 green🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
i’ll take a vid of it next time there..
Well at least a back hoe will stay put will yanking it. Better than a rut show. Yeesh. Yeah, old boy definitely earned that Christmas bonus this year….


You can't really appreciate it from a photo, but thoose AK 48 buds seem to swell rather fast in comparison with some other strains, so yeah might be a fast finisher.



Anybody any suggestions on the best fungicide to use during flowering? I have used zerotol HC, trifecta, and peroxide solution. I am battling botrytis with all of my plants. This is the worst it's ever been in all the years I have grown. I'd go out every day and I am removing so much every day. If it continues, I'll have nothing left by the time they're all ready to harvest. I have removed the undergrowth. I have removed the sucker limbs. I have defoliated them . And every day there's fresh rot. My plants are too big to put anything over the top of them to block the moisture. They are in ground so I can't move them indoors. I'm just getting very frustrated. I have scoured the forums. I have looked up products. Of course there are so many products and suggestions. That is too many to try at once. Right now I'm needing more of a fungicide that actually does work.
Sorry to hear about the situation there. I cannot offer any synthetic chemical advice, and all the organics are really preventative, y’know? I have never tried peroxide etc.

The best suggestion I can give you is for next year: different genetics. This is what I also have to do: have plants that are 1). Mold resistant and 2) already done flowering by now.

For the current crop I guess :
-defoliation to vent
-barley malt teas to accelerate ripening
-shaking off the moisture
-rigging rain cover

Good luck, man. That’s a tough situation.

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