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Gonna have a monster on my hands come fall. Good problem to have 🤙 💦 Wish i knew what is was. Complete mystery.

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I ♥ fat colas
I've started working on this again. I know you don't see any difference in the last picture of it (if you saw it) but I swear I've done a lot since I started again.

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I'm going over the entire thing again with a layer of watercolor brush markers. It's really filling the white noise that colored pencils leave.

Also included in this later is gel pens and fine tip markers. And a nice black pen.

This layer is for a bit more detail. I'll probably do like 2 or 3 passes over everything until I think it's all good.

Here's a little square of it.

I put it through a few filters and got this cool looking thing

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I'm thinking about doing a bunch of tattoos from this picture. Like have a square frame a person could slide around the picture until they're happy with that piece as a tattoo.

I'd charge 30 bucks per square inch and have a 1x2 minimum. Does that sound reasonable?
Fantastic job ✌️

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