Pot Vending Machine Has Been Stolen by the Feds!, It didn't take em long to butt in..

Guess who came calling? The DEA. The dispensary’s manager, who was walking around outside when I strolled by, told me that a group of federal thugs agents smashed not only the ten-foot window you see above, but also over twenty glass display cases inside. They then proceeded to steal all the medicine (Super Silver Haze and OG Kush going the fastest.) This isn’t the first raid, either. The HNC was smashed to pieces last year by the DEA, on suspicion of carrying too much medicine, but were quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. The Feds just wanted to rattle them up a bit. However, the first DEA raid led the HNC owner to install that headline-grabbing vending machine in lieu of another break-in. He figured they would just take the machine and leave the interior of the dispensary intact. Nope!

Remember, this is a state certified business. It is legally entitled to operate in every way under California law and was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Don’t think we’re living under the thumb of soft fascism? Even if you don’t use cannabis, or for some reason have a problem with others using it, you should be disturbed by your federal government’s continued abuse of state’s rights.


So a LEGAL machine dispencing LEGAL medicine has been (illegally??) stolen by the FBI...

Oh dear the 'war on drugs' sure is loads of shit!!!:mad:
the founding fathers gave states rights in order to prevent the federal gov. from having to much control over the country. they did not want another england where they where persecuted for there beliefs. These raids are against what it says in the constitution. This is fascism. it makes me wonder why people call this land free.


I don't think it could be better said guys. It is truly sad that America sits idly by while their rights are systematically eliminated or ignored. You know, it was for this reason that the 2nd Amendment was written into law. Only thing is America legislatively will have to eliminate nearly all defense spending for 100 years for that right to really hold any water. "The best offense is a good defense". Fear is the formula of your captivity...The opposite of fear is security...buy a gun.
you are only free in this country if you can afford it,, otherwise your just a freedom slave.... peace

You know what, your pretty right on here.

You really don't know how messed up the system is until you've been trough it. And damn man, You are only free in this country if you have the $$$$ for it. Otherwise you are just a free slave.