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Simple Simon

I was lookin' at my girls a few minutes ago, when I looked at my Bluevenom I noticed that I had another growth in the waterfarm, a Kushberry 4inch root I didn't remove has regenerated, and is growin' now!! It is back from the dead!! Sweet! p

The Kushberry regen is lower left in pic!!
You should name her Mrs. Lazarus -------SS


Farmers, come out and play!

Hey the girls are all fillin' out, so I thought it's time for an update!

The Nightsade is 18" tall, and really puttin' on some nice buds, it is only day 7 in flower, so I will give her the last Reverse treatment on Monday!

The 2-Lemon Skunks are both growin' healthy, and the Smurfberry is on day 14 so I am hoping to see some flowers in the coming week. I will spray her with Reverse when I see her start to show!! The DDiesel is gettin' big and looks completely like a new plant, I just measured her at 20". The Blue Venom is looking happy too, I think I figured this coco out now, and everyone looks much better!!

My next grow, I was gonna start with autos (White Russian and Blueberry), but I haven't ordered the Blueberry yet, so I am gonna do 2-White Russians, 2-auto Oils, and the last DDiesel too!

After about 8 weeks into the auto grow, I am going to veg out my last 3-Kushberrys!

Once I harvest the autos, I will run 3-Connie Chungs and veg them for 2 weeks as they get massive, and then flower the 3 Kushberrys and Connie Chungs. Should be fun with these strains! Thanks again to all who contribute to my threads! p

pics-1st pic is the Nightshade, 2nd pic are 2-Lemon Skunks, 3rd is the Smufberry, 4th pic is the DDiesel, 5th pic is the Blue Venom, last is a shot of the 3 Blueberry Kush autos, 2-3 will be joining the fray!


Damn bro the leaves are huge on that smurfberry. All are looking great man keep it up.


Hey rural!

Thanks, for the kind words, rural! I am going easy on the nutes, and easy on the watering, and in the bigger tent there is improved airflow, so they are doin' better! Thanks again for helpin' me with troubleshooting (the ddiesel is 20" tall now!). You rule, bro'! p


Very good and step by step information here. Such a kind of information will help the beginners like me and the others a lot so keep going on and keep posting will be thankful to you.
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