Pro mix when to feed auto?

I only grow Auto's. I'm in Coco so I feed 1/4 strength nutes after the true leaves are showing. Then alternate feed and water daily keeping ppm between 300/500.
Again I’m new to the game and just started my first run in promix and it’s not the same as the hp, from what I know I would start out at bout 1/4 strength or so, and I wouldn’t give any to the first one
Do you have a tds meter have ya watered to run off yet?
I haven't tested anything yet just reg h20. I will Def check ph of food when I mix. I haven't watered enough to get any run off. I'm going to feed it today. Fingers crossed... whats do yoy range for ph when mixing food?
Thank you so much I was going back and fourth! Should I really wet them or keep it the same. I haven't really soaked the pot since the initial start.


Ar you using the HP or not... it seems that you said both. Anyhow, I use Promix HP or BX and I only feed about once every 12 days, but that is with a regular plant, not auto. Once you start getting the alternate growth pattern, I would start at the .25 or .5 concentration that you mentioned. Since I only feed on occasion, you might want to increase the frequency of feeding but with slightly lower amounts until the plant gets larger. I like to run at least water only watering in between feedings, although I usually water daily once they get pretty big (around 6 ft or so). Don't overfeed it andyou should be fine. Promix makes it almost impossible to overwater, so your main worries should be nutrient related.
Out of these four (the 5gals up top)which would you feed? The back right is the second plant I posted the 1st time..
Promix HP sorry fat fingers. That being said how many ml for each for first feeding I will mix 1 gal of water. Thanks
I'm not sure how auto's differ but wet dry cycle is the same on all pot plants isn't it? With feed then water cycles weekly.
Can you not transplant autos? That seems odd all plants I know of can get transplanted. If you can then why the big pots for sprouts?
How can you wet, dry with 5 or 10 gallon pots with tiny plants that won't go through water?
GH nute's recommends 5-25% run off . How is that possible in those giant pots without wasting a ton of nutrients and saturating soil that will take forever to dry?
I never have a problem in the 5 gal fabric pots or with the nutes. The pro mix is impossible to over water. I always feed light and work up and never have a problem. I seem to struggle in veg and can use any advise for early veg and pre flowering autos!