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Anyone know of any friendly docs out there that will help you get approved with a PTSD diagnosis? For anyone that has been approved with PTSD. Can you tell me about your experience?

I spoke with my shrink regarding this and looked into the laws as well. Per the law, you have to have treatment documentation with diagnosis of PTSD and still be currently seeing your doctor. You'll also need records indicating you have tried other things for treatment and cannabis is recommended as potentially having benefit.

Aside from your normal psychologist or psychiatrist, you will need to see a MMJ doctor who will determine if you are eligible. You will need signatures from both doctors. Others require three and more documentation.

I cannot advise on a clinic to go to though. There are a coupleplaces that charge around $250 for the visit and then an additional fee for filing the paperwork. Personally I do not have my card but have a couple friends and my brother who do and know the laws pretty well. PTSD is the easiest avenue for obtaining the card in NM, but you will need that diagnosis prior to going to the MMJ doctor.

I'm not sure of your situation, just want you to be aware of what will be expected of you. The dept. of health should push your application through within a month or two. Research the MMJ doctor before you go to them, my brother went through hell because he went with Zia Health and Wellness. They're just in it for your money, they don't care about the patients. He also did not get it for PTSD but for chronic pain.

Hope this helps. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions. I'm in the greater ABQ area and can assist with most things.

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Got this same feel when Zia turned me down for chronic pain last spring. Quick to take $30 to 'obtain my records' from my orthopedic, just as quick to tell me I didn't qualify. Used mmj to wean off of the narcotics from two hip replacements. First few weeks were hell. Found two varieties that kept my stomach from turning flips and would soothe the top off the pain, and the second replacement went much smoother. Back to work two weeks sooner than the first replacement.
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