Purchased my hydro system today!



Nice Setup Farmer J......Lookin forward to seeing you Blow it Up!!!...~ogr
Sweet, get some pics up when you get it ripping.
A friend has one of them to start his cuttings off in and the growth is incredible.
There'll be plenty of quality genetics about here in a week or so.
Happy growing.



the roots will have all the room they need tthats afact. and plants being to close depends on how you grow them small and bushy yeah tall and kinda lanky no you will be fine. i would though reccomend putting 6 clones in therea dn then maybe a scrogg ..but all in all you will love the water... once i switched i never loooked back
Awesome. The starter kit at $89 looks like a good deal also. I don't think I could build it for too much cheaper. Getting a little tired of the work involved with seperating coco bales and mixing. Seems like it would be better than straight DWC buckets since the tubes are feeding right into the roots.
I cancelled the bubbleponics and Im going to use 3 DWC buckets instead. I want to be able to move my plants around if need.