purple bastard in a recirculating wilma sytem in coco

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i would say the flavour is skunky with a bit of fruit

i have sent in freebies to the farm of this strain crossed to soma's g13haze male
if you want them place an order and request them as your freebie in theres any left
oeps seems i missed this one...i find it also a bit reeking like skunky grape...
you'll be bringing some to the cup?....i just made seeds again with the PB ....she's quite a classact when crossed to something fruity/sweet.....this time i use a Bogglegum f2 male....i call'm MiSfiTs ....(pics)

first seeds i did with her wher the Mongruls....i used a selected HQS white widow male on the pb anf then i crossed it back.....in a few weeks the second seedbatch of these will be ready (last2 pix ) :D

oeeps ranting i see.....see you soon !


I like purple bastard, it is skunky fruity, not the best but pleasant taste and buzz, nice bag appeal too.
I've Purple Bastard x Bogglegum F2 too... Are freebies i think... I'll keep a mom from, hoping for a Bogglegum dominant pheno...
yes Jare those where freebies i send in....its the MiSfiT you got on ya hands
i hope your quest for the Bogglegum pheno works out....you may expect purple tones in it !