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PS are those f2's of the bx or bx2 or did you mean bx2? I made f1 of the bx for some friends and so far soo good. But remember these are Blueberry genes so leaf mutation is in there somewhere.
Hi Ripp this is the version im doing sorry for any confusion i know very little than whats posted here other than they turn purple, that there is a very high probability they will turn purple for me, it has been reported the blueberry muffin pheno has been found in these genetix and thats what im after.
In the pic i posted above they are not all pbbx f2 the 2 outside rows are all pbbx f2 ive got some sfvxssd beans in there in the middle as well as a couple nugg cuts i took to re veg..
Ur plant does look much better there with the cuts i have smashed beans too hard with nutes right out the gate and gotten what seemed to be a wierd mutation in the first couple sets of leaves that str8n out after a bit but it looks like u got a mutant there but looks like its comeing around anyhow..
Ill keep ya updated on my pbbx hopefully u get ur issues sorted out.. Peace
Hi there

I bet they will turn purple one day for you.

Please keep us updated in this blueberry muffin journey. Have you got any references pointing at the pheno you are after.

Couple months ago I promised to CV to make him proud whit those BX II's so this is what I'm doing right now :happy: , very difficult task indeed.

Actually I managed to bring this miserable cannabis plant back in traks and soon there will be some berry's I hope. If not the muffin pheno atleast some blueberry pancakes.



Man if i dont get a purple pheno im going to quit growing purple strains altogether i have been on an unlucky streek lately but im 95% sure ill get at least a purple plant and ill be real happy if its a male lol..
Ill see if dude posts up around here with the blueberry muffin pheno and stear u in the right direction if so but its extremely purple and he said he didnt notice the blueberry the first round but it came thru on a light feed diet.. I love the blueberry ive only seen it a couple time aint nothing like breaking up a nugg n stinking the whole house up like blueberry muffins so id be real happy to get a purple blueberry but i know the muffin pheno is rare in these so im settleing on purps haha..
Anyhow i will keep ya updated fosho.


Ken man, i'm just completly utterly jealouse of your outdoor girls, if only i wasn't in suburbia land.....one day lol;^ seein those pics just hurts the inner me that wants to grow big outdoor sooooo bad!!! lol anyways thanks for given me some wankin material, hell this might make my shitter library, i'll never get tired of these pics lol......take it easy


If you think to grow some CV seeds you might get something like this. Take a look at CannaVenture Purpleberry BX II. One out of 10 germinated (after 60 days) for me and this is how its look like haha:D .

The most miserable unit in my garden.
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btw I'm still looking for CV's replacement after 100 days lol:)
The purple berry I got did the same thing and 3 sprouted and died right away in organic mechanics seed starter witch worked perfectt for everything else
Hello PaperStreet
Your plants are green and healty. Really blueberry?

Excuse me if this is from CV previuos relise. Did you breed pbbx II X pbbx II or BX I x BX I? From what I'm able to see at the picture there is not a single pair of same plants. Maybe coz of the f2 you got many difernet phenotipes but overal I'm unable to see any similarities over there. Moreover my PB BX II is not like yours. Anyway maybe my judgement is wrong. I wish you very healty and powerfull plants.

All the best.

Not everything is lost here, I took some clones. As you can see at my pic below some new leafs are getting better.
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I received my pack of Purple Berry BX on the 4-19-2013. I was really looking forward to these girls joining my garden. I put them into a 24 hour soak, and after the soak no seeds had popped yet. I moved them over to the paper towel method. So it's been 6 days and no popped seeds yet. I am so bummed out. I really wanted those purple buds, and to make things worse no more purple berry available =(. These are the lazy bitches that won't germ.


I didn't get any freebies sadly to say. The paper towel was moist this morning but out of disgust I just threw them down on the kitchen table .


I know how ya must have felt to just say fk it! Damn, such a lovely specimine lifeless. Crack a seed open to see/smell if its rotten. Sometimes the water/seed or your hands can be dirty and stagnate the water. With towels or soak, I always change the medium every 2days if it takes that long. If I have a hardheaded batch or somthing I cant lose I give a 24hr soak with h2o2&h20 at a 1:10 ratio then to plain h20 until pop.


Yea tha papertowel does look dry i soak mine for a day puttem in a nice and damp papertowel and let them rip on my cable box re wet them next day cuz u gotta give them a chance to dry for air exchange repeat process for a few days if needs be but nice fresh beans likes being put out should pop tails quickly useing that method sorry u haveing issues mang
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