Quantum growth in hydro?

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I've been using quantum growth light, a beneficial bacteria supplement, in my res lately at 1ml/gallon just because there are no listed application rates for hydro so I wanted to be conservative, what application rate would anyone using this product recommend? The system is a 200gal total RDWC with hydroton as a media, water kept at 68 consistently and pH 5.7-5.9, for nutrients its lucas(0-8-16) + florablend + 1 ml gal cal-mag + 1ml/gal quantum growth. The system is pretty well oxygenated and moves fast with 2x 110L/min air pumps and 2x 12" waterfalls on the drain line recirculating with a 4000gph pump. I'm sure this has to be pretty ideal for culturing some bacteria. Or would it be a waste of time to continue using this in a rdwc style system.

Thanks in advance for any advise.


IMO you would be MUCH better off skipping the bacteria in general. Just get a good enzyme like hygrozyme. The bacteria would not make any noticeable positive difference.

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