Question About Pollinated Autos

Hey, working on my first grow and have an issue. Planted four Autos and two photo periods. I stressed the photos during Flowering and the hermied and pollinated my autos. I am gonna scrub the tent area and try again with just two autos this time and see how that goes. But my question is 1.) Are the seeds gonna be usable?
2.) there is hardly any bud growing anymore on the autos and it’s nothing but frosted seed pods inside. Should i just use the plant for making hash or is it a lost cause? I’m In week 3 of flower.

Thanks in advance!


I don't know . . .

I say, you're at week 3, almost half way home. I say finish it out, collect the seeds, make hash outta what's left if you want. Not sure how much you would get but we smoked seedy pot all through the 70.s, 80's & 90's.
So who knows . . .

The seeds, may end up being some kind of auto flower hybrid cross kick ass feminised seeds.

Your very own brand . . .

Damn . . .

You're half way to becoming a seed bank . . .

That’s what i was hoping. Some mix of autos and all fems. Tons of seeds on each plant too. White widow, northern lights, blueberry and quarter pounder seeds mixed with a strong grower. Hoping for some magic. Thanks!
One of the most important, and difficult things that an auto-flower seed producer has got to get right is veg timing prior to flowering.
Your hybrid seeds will be half males, another half of the remainder will flower too soon, and some will never flower.
So log it if you decide to grow some.
I’ll make sure to log it on these. I still have four more auto seeds to try before i get into any of these.

I did read another article that said a fem (my auto) pollinated by a hermie, will produce feminized seeds. Is that right? You’re saying half and half


A "Hermie" is a female plant the produces male flowers. So, in essence it is a female plant with male pollen but female DNA so to speak. Therefore, from every thing I have read about a female pollinating another female the seeds will be female.

However, I am far from an expert so I may be wrong, but hopefully your seeds will be feminised. So, keep us informed if you plant some. I would plant one out of curiosity to find out. I would be dying to find out.

Hello. I like you explanation but i would like to add something.
Yes the "hermy" is from female plant and yes that would mean that pollen had femaile DNA but...
Because the pollen came from "natural" hermafrodit there is very high possibility that the seeds will also produce hermafrodites. That is why we usually use pollen that was "forced" out of the female by using coloidal silver.

Sorry for my English. It's not my first language


W8ing4buds , , ,
Yes I believe that is true, they will have a good chance of being Hermes also. . .

I am told by my wife that we can no longer call those types of plants Hermes, we must now call them
trans-gendered flora . . .

I told her if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck,

Then it's a duck .

I will be giving the silver soda a crack I think . . .

Ok. This info comes from an early feminized breeder with 30 uears plus experience.

If the plants were female when flowered and reversed they will produce female seeds as there is no male chromosome present.

And the hermie seed producing hermie plants is myth in the case the grower stressed the plants into reversal.

Remove the stress usually no more hermie.

When i was newer i found hidden seeds in lowers of the thai/ diesel strains i grow. I plant these seeds and have not had any hermie on me. And they are not copies of the mother plant. Another myth I see often.