Question on CS..?

This is my first time doing this artificially (I'm not going to make it myself and not going to use silver thiosulfate because it's a chemical and CS is not, so please spare me those recommendations, thanks), my two questions are:

1) will all three of these products work?

2) which would be the product you would recommend?


I've been spending $100 +/- a month for several years. I haven't bought anything in a couple months. So if throw a hundred or two on growing needs I'm ahead of the game and producing more seeds to continue growing. I have found it worth every penny spent!
Yes , Yes I know, even trading it at times costs money, LOL and trust me I'm kool with everything cause I now have a set up to run all year... inside and out.... what I was saying was I just came here to see if someone knew what a plant was that I was going to mow over on Eric land LOL now $$$$$later I'm thinking I need the fish tanks back that I left in ca. Cause it really made it simple for me :) i Feel like i need to go to school to figure all this out :( lol :)