Questions with H&G Aqua Flakes Formulation for Bloom and pH Stability

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Sure Smokealot

I do apologize for my comments to UCMENOW and Current Culture and I try to support anyone helping their fellow gardener. Your post just seem to start out negative on H&G when I have friends that use the product with great success in a economy thats rough. I have personally tried many H&G gardens and was quite tasteful and nothing like tail pipe exhuast. I looked at the link posted for the Europian site and it seems that H&G has their Bloom formula already here, its the gro formula they need to import. I did not realize that Current Culture sold their store and it just seemed strange that most post ended with "use Canna or DM" which also are very effective nutrient companys. I have heard of friends dropping back Aqua A for varieties "kush" that require less nitrogen in late flower. Just trying to do the best for my friends to! People enjoy your post and have compete faith in you so I apologize to the people you help and hope all gardens go extremely well.


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I really think the H&G mix is different for the USA.

In the UK I have never heard of people having any of these issues with House and Garden. Whether it be grow / bloom formulas or the straight single A&Bs. I use both. I actually get better results when using the single A&B, prefer to the new veg / bloom formulas.

One thing I did notice is that I can not get ANY nute company to sit stable pH for over 24 hours. I have tried about them all which is why I do not use a tank / hydro system at my place. But all the other places I grow in, and have grown in have never presented this problem. So there is something funny with my water.


i read a lot of stuff about canna, h&g, and others, I am wondering if anyone has tried Super Natural Aqua line in the UC. I have just started a 4 x 8gal UC grow and am using the Super Natural Grow Aqua, with Cal Mag, H&G roots accelerator with a bit of Super Thrive to help with the transplant shock. The Super Natural was working excellent in my home made buckets, so I am just going ahead as planned. Haven't seen too much PH fluctuation with SN in my buckets so I guess I will see.


Kind of surprised a thread starter can't close the thread but....OK.

SS ALOT, thanks for the apology, but it's not necessary...I was being overly negative and critical.....hope to see you stick around and contribute some of your experience with H&G here with we Farmers.

Danseven....I've used the SN and found though they seem to have a sound formula, the SN was a little hot for the plants vs. other nutes I've run. It's good to hear it's working well for you though.


wow, this thread is really stickied? lol

had good results with the h&g in the mpb's, and the pH was solid after a good 24 hrs..

although i find i like using canna after week 2.

did not care for advanced,...have not yet tried DM or others.
Green Mopho

Green Mopho

I just got done with my first run with H&G Aquaflakes. The flavor was decent, but I used a good amount of additives, both within and outside of the H&G line. The flavor was definitely better than GH 3part. I also do strong 2 week flush, the last week pure water, no Drip Clean! Don't follow the instructions for the H&G!

However, I did notice the high levels of N and extra unnecessary leaf growth during bloom. I wish I had more control of it, being able to still give my plants P-K and micro nutes, without the extra dose of N that is included in both the A and the B parts.

Going to give Canna a try sometime this year, I prefer a 2 part veg, 2 part bloom anyway and all I hear is good about Canna!


William van der son who owns house and garden designed the canna line before making enough money to start his own brand. I think he knows what is in Canna. I use [email protected] because it is cheap. I would never pay that much for nutrients ..what canna charges is a joke. Substitute Mother of all Blooms for shooting powder. Also if using ro water use cal-mag espicially kushes and chems. I use Biotanicare. I have seen people say they dont use calmag but i cant figure out how. I have been using [email protected] for about 5 years now. Before that i used Supernatural. Im not saying its the best but i dont know of anything else that is better.

Also anyone remember dd that helped eveyone with nothing to gain. He used [email protected] and then switched to advanved the last four weeks of flower.

Also you can get the same results using perilite with a little bit of coco dripping alot as any dwc and it has way less room for error. Yes i have tested it side by side and know others who tested it also and yes they tested it againest undercurrent. Me just againest regular regular dwc. The people i know doing undercurrent did say it was easy because of less rez changes but there is also the risk of everything failing fast.

Undercurrent seams to do crazy growth to the plants especially in veg but the veg time seems about the same. It alos seems to make the plants to grow tons of leaves. But the end bud weight and quality seems about the same.

So what is the better nute and dont say canna because the owner of [email protected] designed the line?

Hope this helps someone.


While my grow failed and I am a poor example of a product tester.. in the 2 grows (Aero first then UC) I never had ph stability problems. It moved a little bit first 24 hours then once I adjust it rock solid.


I fail to see the logic behind H&G being better than CANNA merely because of company owner or related engineers.

It's wishful thinking that companies have our best interests as top priority. Money motivates.


Money motivates? You bet. But you think someone will make more money without keeping our best interests as a top priority? Yeah, because THAT will increase sales, to make crappy nutes. The two work together. Want to make more money? Make your customers happy. I know, it's revolutionary and works.

Sorry for the threadjack.



You failed to explain how H&G may be better than CANNA.

I'm happy with Miracle Grow, solid product.


Sorry, couldn't resist answering your second question visually.




Initially I thought 1 of my rooms wasn't first grow...I am using H&G, but apparently indica flowers little nug buds, my mistake (I thought they were all cone shape cola's more or less). And I NEVER had any ph issues.

H&G worked great in our grow.


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I never said better i said the same....I said cheaper...maybe better??? Never tested side by side so i dont know.

The only way to know is to do a side by side but i will never pay what canna charges.

Do you really think it costs that much more to make "good" nutrients. The owner of [email protected] knows what is in Canna. Why make an inferior product. You pay for advertising.

Its your environment and strain that are most important.

good luck
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