random failure, not sure where i went wrong w/ Pics

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So im not sure what happened. I noticed 3 days ago it was looking a little deficient. The moisture was low and the ph was no different then the whole grow. I come back today and she is just fully N deficient best i can tell. I checked the roots couldnt find any signs of something attacking or rot, bad drainage.... I treated the soil with some pesticide and fungicide (marine bio). Then i went for a full on flush. Not sure what else i can do at this stage. I hate tapping out on plants. Every other plant that had some yellowing either bounced back or still grew, nothing close to this. This plant did grow like a foot in a week. So i originally was thinking the extra yellowing was from the rapid growth....

I use dyna gro products. so for the flush it was dynagro flush and dyna zyme treatment. I use RO water and it has rained past 2 days. It always appeared to have really good drainage. Still seems that way.

strain is EVA Seeds - monster.
its in a 40-50 gallon prepared hole promix.
ro water i typically try to buffer to around 7 with adding well water on top.
Standard dyna gro nute watered with several gallons 2-4days depending on rain.

I did 5 gallons wednesday 2 mixed with grow, 2 with nothing 1 with agsil 16. i added some extra water soluble fert on top that is 13-4-4 with the expectation of the rain. was my hopeful buffer for not coming out every other day.


i walked up and was like "WHAT IS THAT IN THE MIDDLE!!"

close ups

it was real nice and now it looks like a tree. No idea if its a critter/fungis. Or some kind of shock. Ill be honest when i say everything else on the farm has me pretty brain dead on trying to think of a cause. It's the rapid wilting that has me thrown.

Im sure im over looking something. So any input is appreciated.

other random photos

its not much but for what i was able to throw together this year. with getting the new farm going. been busy harvesting stuff for markets and crop boxes so has been hard to really keep up with them. Its a blessing. But it can take its tolls on priorities. Such is the case. Again thanks in advance THCFARMER family :)


still seems to be not uptaking water. PH is fine going to go back out and test it. Dig deeper and try my blue labs soil ph again in a few spots. . not sure if its a case of the roots regenerating or just shutting down its uptake of water from stress or something else. Again no idea what triggered it. I feel like its a case of flush and wait.


Neighbor came over and helped me find signs that looks like its Pythium. So going to treat with Regalia and see how that does. if anything. Worst case treat all the other plants.


So i was going to pitch the plant. I dont really care about its loss. But digging it up was lots of new white root growth near the base of the plant. So we cut off some of the dirty root rot stuff further down. I gave the roots a really good dunk in hydrogen peroxide. Then into the marrone bio regalia fungicide. I dug out the old dirt best i could with the old rotten roots. I refilled the hole with new potting soil treated it with regalia and put the plant back in. Im going to wait a little bit then dump some rooting hormone along whats left of the roots same way i do when i transplant from pots to the ground with Dyna Gro KLN.

Not sure if i will have any results getting it back up and healthy. But im thinking i wasnt adding enough regalia to treat the roots fully. as about the first 12" were fine. Then about 24" where bigger roots went down to the bed rock were rotting pretty well out. It ripped before we could get it fully dog out and was just kind of a wad of mush. Even though there was good drainage. Ill chalk it up to foreign toxin giving me root rot. I do have another plant around same size i can put in its place. But since its my first year using Marrone Bio products. I want to see if it will recover and monitor to see if the disease is already In my other plants or actually being treated by the regalia regime. I admittedly had not treated several plants including this one with regalia for 32 days. mostly because i was worried it was going to kill the myco and wanted enough to treat what i thought was a sicker plant. The only other signs i see of a plant fighting something off was this plant below.

IMG 20200726 182013

where this one turned purple( 20 days ago) and is now about 80% back to green after a treatment between both regalia and grandevo. Adding in a foliar spray seemed to stop whatever made it turn purple. Where the same strain next to it, is not purple. So I took that as a warning sign it was under attack and then proceeded to neglect several other plants and the potential spreading that already occurred. Simply by giving the 5 gallons i prepare of regalia for all of the plants unevenly distributed among them(in this case giving none at all). so the fungicide may not have had enough to reach where it was needed? is my current best guess.

I have only experienced root rot outdoors 1 other time when growing in clay and did not pack enough substrate at the bottom to provide adequate drainage. Basically turned to a bowl of soup after a rain fall. Which leads me to believe the toxin may already be in the ground at the area i chose for my outdoor grow. Possible that it was being held off by the regular treatments and took over when i failed to maintain that or provide enough for the root system. Im not sure since the bed rock appears to be a foot higher in that spot than the other plants. if its possible the roots hit the bed rock and that attributed to the rot?....

we will see what tomorrow brings.


looks like it wont come back ive decided to just leave it and see what happens if it dies it dies. Ive given her all the treatment i can really do except to keep on the schedule as she needs to be fed. storm last night put alot of damage on them so not sure with that and all the compounded stress of damaging the roots, etc it will have enough strength to recover. i think if i had left it and not dug it up and kept treating it. was the potential. But its hard to say cause we will never get to see that outcome unless it happens to another plant. Which i hope it doesnt. So im going to keep doubling down on their treatments both fungicide and pesticide til i get well into flower to ensure they stay healthy as one can hope.
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im not 100%, lets say like 39% positive the other plants are infected. So i went ahead the past few days and just have been treating them like crazy. Im going to treat them for aphids and pythium. Just incase it could be root aphids.

I didnt really test the phytotoxicity of the blend. using the regalia, venerate, tengard, acephate 97, Bifen it, foliar sprayed mixed down with aloe powder and agsil 16h.
I didnt mix them all for those that may wonder. Acephate 97 i did top foliar spray last as its systemic and sprayed around the base and the soil. Gave the tengard and bifen today as a root soak today after giving the venerate and regalia yesterday morning. with a morning/night alternate of the 2 as foliar. all of them with a small amount of neem oil and aloe vera powder, agsil 16h (protekt silica substitute).

Reason i suspect is i see nute burn but still have the fading same as the plant that died. so its something seemingly attacking them potentially. Either way i plan to take the offensive approach. reason i threw in extras is i was already using regalia, venerate, grandevo so wanted to make sure i had enough of a pest management that im throwing a curve ball in there. I did see signs the most dead one may have had some new growth and top leaves perking. so leads me to believe either its over coming the pythium or stopping something worse that i cant find. I will go back to a standard pest management after this series of treatments.

will see what tomorrow brings


So as i said yesterday i was taking the offensive approach. When you are giving ferts and you recognize burn and it doesnt overcompensate the deficiency, its a general indication something else is at play. So immediately seeing the signs it was not ok. I started to apply various treatments. because i couldnt find anything. None of us could searching roots, whatever. Yesterday the leaves looked like the worst leaves pictured below.

IMG 20200812 121333
IMG 20200812 121048

So overnight after 2 foliar sprays and 2 root soaks. i notice an instant improvement. You will notice various leaves have gone from deficient yellow to uptake neon green.

IMG 20200812 121052
IMG 20200812 121056
IMG 20200812 121444

There are a few still displaying signs of nute burn. Which is my fault overcompensating for in the soil. But since i have done no nutes and just root drenchs. O'm hoping this is also acting as a flush to help it balance out any excess nutes the early compensation caused.

IMG 20200812 121111
IMG 20200812 121249
IMG 20200812 121316

I can also attribute the potential of nute burn to the excess of veg nutes as it is transitioning to flower. Not ideal. But again this is a common thing when compensating for an infestation until you are made aware of the infestation. I assumed the deficiency were due to them needing more nutrients. But it is now apparent there was a much larger systemic issue at play my pest and fungus management didnt cover outright. Possibly back when the high level strain started to turn purple was my first sign. Where that ones genetics may have enough of an immune system its been able to fight it off with the added treatments. Where the Monster strain was unable.
*high level strain pictured below
IMG 20200812 121134
More signs of nute uptake and a positive spin to the situation *note white dots are silica and aloe powder residue
IMG 20200812 121127
IMG 20200812 121224

I can see the neon green returning from the veins. Where yesterday was clear deficiency dying. So to see new green is always a positive for me in terms of pest management. Means some where in our treatment its working. Mobile nutrients are flowing. which is great for the bottom and terrible for the top. Hopefully it doesnt get too hot.

IMG 20200812 121138
IMG 20200812 121234
IMG 20200812 121239
IMG 20200812 121308

The moral of the story in this case is 1 dead plant

IMG 20200812 121206

saves the others **potentially
IMG 20200812 121119
IMG 20200812 121143
IMG 20200812 121218
IMG 20200812 121302

We will see what tomorrow brings


and to add to that. The power russian as always seems unaffected. Just is so hearty. But i could tell by the deficient leaves that upticked. it had a little bit of a cold.
IMG 20200812 121302


test results came back for Pythium. Actually now getting test results back i can see it apparent in the area in other things. So just going to treat the area outright. Probable too big to control. But might not be. im going to stop watering all together.

2 more plants have started wilting as of today. mostly a droop. Hoping the fungicide is working. I have banrot on the way and 2 other fungicides for pythium. I also appear to need to treat one of my fields outright. So i guess it helped save me from a greater loss. sucks about the plants though. seems like its the time of year pythium is calling their hosts to die.


so right now the only thing saving the 2 that are now infected and showing signs of drooping is the foliar feeding. Which i cant do enough because the temps and sunlight. So i can get what i can get in but its not enough. The fact 1 picked up out of wilt shows me there is hope. Just have to keep up with nutes enough for it to most likely repair its root system.

adding aloe powder and agsil 16h into the foliar spray. using RO water with 10% from tap ends up around 7ph i definitely see signs of damping off at the roots. I poked holes into the ground to hopefully help with aeration and put an air hose down there and pumped air in at about 10psi under the root crown. Will see if that helps. now just have to get the deficiencies in check and hope as it comes back to life doesnt take a mad chug. Will take pictures when i go back out and spray tonight and post later.

some notes:

i appear to get necrosis in a leaf in hours. it will suck em yellow and dry. could just be related to the size. which may balance itself out when it hits the point it can sustain itself. Which may be why one has picked itself back up. it rained last night again so that didnt help me with trying to get the soil to dry out. Hopefully the pumping in of air under the soil helps. Ive seen it done in green houses as the soil gets compacted in no til setups.


Forgot to post the pics from that day. Was attacked by bees while trying to stake and put up supports. So i never finished came back the next day and one was split in half. Seems to be fine after the repair. Just have to keep em all better supported. Will take updated photos.
IMG 20200818 182924
IMG 20200818 182928
IMG 20200818 182932
IMG 20200818 182934
IMG 20200818 182946


Did you take any pictures of root ball after digging them out

Did you see white powder looking sections

I reckon could have been root aphids or root mealybugs. The mealy's leave white stuff around and both really weaken the plant
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