Recovering Plant, Need advice on how to managing my PPM, until she’s better.

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About a month ago I started having problems with my Skywalker OG. Was in the process of moving out of state, with so much going on I lost track, and the Skywalker got extremely over watered. That was about month ago to the day.
She survived, Im growing in a 7 Gallon fabric pot and using Happy Frog soil btw. After the over watering she went through a week of underwatering, the last week of February, (Being too cautious). She also suffered a “very slight” nutrient burn that last week, (Wasn’t being cautious enough). But now that my watering is back on schedule, my plant still looks really unhappy. I thought I was doing everything needed for a perfect recovery, especially these past 2 weeks. I understand that the pale green leaves she got from the overwatering are here to stay, but since my last watering, more yellow leaves. Learning from my previous grows, I log everything I do to my plants. So below is my notations for March. FYI PH is always 6.0

03-03-21 watered with tap. Runoff 500
03-07-21 fed 830 ppm of veg nute. Runoff 979?
03-11-21 watered with tap Runoff 475
03-14-21 fed 755 ppm of veg nute. Runoff 950 Runoff PH 6.0

And before anyone asks. I believe the reason my runoff kept jumping around is the way I was taking the readings, my pot use to sit in its runoff until It wicked back up, and I took ppm readings from that.. The past two water/feedings, I’ve improved the way I take runoff readings to increase accuracy. Also besides this last feeding today, I wasn’t recording PH runoff, although I always PH what I put in.

What I need to know (a few things)

1. Do I need to flush my Girl to rid her of salts and nute buildup? She’s been in the same pot since the beginning of November.

2. I know the proper PPM’s when feeding a plant in Veg, but what to give her when she’s sick and still recovering? (Same amount?)

3. I understand Runoff PPM should be Lower than what you’re feeding but what is an ideal runoff PPM for veg?

4. Am I doing this right. I water my girl about every 3 days or so.. and feed her only after I’ve watered twice..

5. I have 7 gallon pots, I feed/water with 1 Gallon, every time I water/feed. Is that enough? And do I need to eventually increase from a gallon when I switch to flower?

6. If I make corrections, and give her another week can she be ready for flower, (Difficult Girl, just want her gone at this point). If not why and when will Ik she’s ready, because the leaves won’t turn back green..

Plz anybody out there I need all 6 of these questions answered, and any additional info is always welcome.


First time running into this problem of overwatering, and It really did look like it needed water. I finally moved into my new place on the 17th of February, just in time to catch the problem before she was beyond saving..
In case anyone was curious, and wanted to see the destruction overwatering at its near deadliest looked like.
Dates In order from first pic.

Jan 17
Jan 26
Feb 14
At this point had just stopped watering
Feb 20
Feb 22
Mar 6
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