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Well I've been creeping around the Farm for a little while now and decided it was time to start a log, journal, diary, whatever you wanna call it...

A little about me:
50 years old, Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My wife and I own a home out in the burbs now. I'm disabled and on disability so everything I do is on a tight budget. Been smoking 38 years and growing off and on for around 25 years. I'm Bi-polar and use cannabis to help me sleep, with anxiety, and depression. I also just enjoy smoking recreationally. My wife also smokes recreationally.

In 2007 the police kicked in my front door and found 76 plants growing in a back bedroom. (30 of them where just clones in an aero cloner.)They charged me with manufacturing a controlled substance a level 2 felony. Took my house, car, all my gear, and all my toys. Put me on probation for 2 years and made me do a bunch of community service. Was probably the lowest point in my life... A nosey neighbor turned me in.

That stopped me from growing again until 2013 when the wife and I purchased our new home and I got a Medical Marijuana card so I could go completely legal. Was going great for a couple years then I got some clones from the hood and unknowingly introduced mites into the garden. Got them BAD. Destroyed my whole crop. I lost thousands. I was so upset, I almost gave up. I sold all my grow gear and started buying our smoke from the local shops. For the past couple years I've been spending $1000-$1200 a month on weed.

Finally I got the itch to start growing again this summer. It was so hard trying to buy weed and purchase all the gear I needed to get started at the same time...but I did it! That leads us to now...

A little about the grow:
I grow in a room in my basement. its an 8x8 room, I built a wall in the middle and made a 4x8 veg area and a 4x8 flower room. In my veg room I have a 4ft 8 bulb T5 I use for seedlings and clones. Then I have a BP3000 QB for my teens to veg under.

I use a homemade aero cloner for making clones and so far I have 100% success rate with rooting my clones. A Sterlite container, air stone, air pump, air hose, and some duct tape. Cost me like $15.

For my flower room right now I only have enough light to flower a 4x5 space. I plan on getting another light as soon as I get some buds in the jars. I took a risk and got my flower light from Alibaba. I did some research and found a guy using the light I got on another forum. After seeing his results I decided to take the leap. Got the Meijiu 650w A8. Meanwell Driver Samsung diodes...yada yada yada.

Right now I have 2 strains going..Thc Bomb from Bomb seeds and Made of Honor from Twenty20 Mendocino seeds. 2 different phenos of each. All was going well until last week when both THC bombs went completely yellow. Nitrogen whores for real. But that's ok because I have clones of both phenos coming right behind them and I will double N for them. So far Thc Bomb has been no walk in the park.

Made of Honor on the other hand has been a complete joy to cultivate so far. Although she is known to stretch all through flower, I bent them both over and they really bushed out.

They are really starting to get frosty. These pictures are from day 37 flower.

For nutrients I use a pretty simple line up. Fox Farm Grow Big and Earth Juice Grow for veg. Open Sesame, Beastie Blooms, and Cha Ching for flower. Also use Earth Juice Bloom. I feed, feed, water. Usually unless the plants say otherwise. Always PH my water with PH up and down. I use tap water that I put into reservoirs and bubble it for a few days before I use it.

I grow in soil. Using Pro Mix Hp with a little added perlite. That's it.

Wow if you got this far you are a champ! Quite a long read...If anybody has any questions, comments, advice, constructive criticism...I'm all ears. Welcome to my...diary, journal, log, whatever! I will be posting regularly with pictures and all kinds of random stuff. Hope to see you all around!


That's the kitties. The two black cats are Henry and Fred. The white guys name is Marvin and he is my special friend. We got some serious bromance going on at Reefer Rons house!
IMG_1242 (2).JPG

And that's Hendrix...he stays couch locked and don't even smoke...


Love the write-up. I'm following along!
Hey thank you! Glad to have you here!
Nice set up welcome to the farm I’m in ! Fellow Michigander ( relocated to a warmer climate, lol)
Thank you for such a warm welcome! Always nice to meet a fellow Michigander... On a day like today (12F) I don't blame you for finding warmer digs. I just shoveled 8 inches of snow...blah!


Hey thank you! Glad to have you here!

Thank you for such a warm welcome! Always nice to meet a fellow Michigander... On a day like today (12F) I don't blame you for finding warmer digs. I just shoveled 8 inches of snow...blah!
Parents and fam still live in the Battle Creek kazoo area but I’m near the Super Bowl city! Sunny and 70 right now


Wow, I have a journal I can post in! lol I always think, 'I would like to say this or that", but have no place to post said this or that... Now I do.

It's 5:50 a.m. and I'm on my second cup of coffee and third bowl of the morning. My lights come on at seven so I have just over an hour before I can visit the girls. I like to be there in the mornings when everything fires up, just to make sure all is well.

I don't work so I have plenty of time for the garden. I usually do the brunt of the work down there in the morning before my wife gets up. I noticed the plants really like getting fed when the lights first come on. I can almost watch them perk up after a nice watering.

This is my first grow in 5-6 years and I was a little cocky... I figured, "Its like riding a bike"...once you do it, you never forget. Well that's true but I forgot the fact that every plant is different and they need to be dialed in.

I started 4 seedlings and now via cloning I have 24 plants down there. (My legal limit.) The original seedlings are now day 39 flower and all four have gone I pride myself on being very conservative on the nutes, but it looks like for this run I was much to conservative with the nitrogen in early flower. Oh well lesson learned. I will lose some in yield, but think I will still have plenty to fulfill my needs. (God willing.)

My plan is to double the Grow nutes till about week three flower, hopefully that will fix the early yellowing...

The Thc Bombs went yellow a couple weeks ago, I tried to adjust but... I think it was to late, they are obviously locked out. The good thing is I have their clones on a stagger right behind them so I can hopefully get them figured out. The Made of Honors on the other hand have been doing great up until this last feeding, and they stared to yellow as well. Not half as bad as THC but still... there will need to be some adjustments to their clones as well.

Man I love this hobby!


Great diary you got going ReeferRon...enjoyed reading it so far so im pulling a chair up..
You certainly know how to grow well too..loving those nugs 😍😍😍
Hey MadMax, Thank you for the great compliments! I worry I'm a little...long winded for the reader, so its nice to hear you enjoyed it. Yes stay tuned as I plan on updating regularly and growing many different strains as I go. Thanx again!



Yes, more kitty litter buckets.. lol I told ya I saved them for years, just knowing one day I would find a use for them... The plants really love them.

I think I'm done with fabric pots after these I have going now. The only difference I noticed with the fabric pots as opposed to plastic is you have to water more often due to evaporation. I aerate my water so they get plenty of oxygen to the root zone that way.

I have another 8 plants in veg using 5 gallon black plastic pots. We will see what yields better fabric, litter buckets, or plastic pots.

I know training was a pain in the ass with the fabric pots... or at least much easier with the plastic ones, using my tried and true string and duct tape I learned duct tape don't like wet fabric.


Oh yeah another wonderful day! If I do say so myself...

Well the flower stretch is real in the flower room and I had to raise the light a few inches. Raising the light, I noticed the canopy wasn't as even as I like so I made some adjustments to the under side as well. Its a constant battle to keep an even canopy with different strains and different phenos, then add in the stagger and your playing plant Tetris every good thing I have time on my hands.

Mission accomplished! A nice even canopy...At least for a day or two.

While I had the plants out so I took a few pictures...

Thc Bomb #1 and #2 day 40 flower

Both have gone pretty yellow but their still alive and protecting the flowers pretty well.
And Made of Honor #2 day 40 flower.
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